So, we’ve had a thread (long ago) about eating sushi and the risks of getting some kind of parasites from it. Now I’d like to know what kind of risk I’m taking when I munch down on a tunafish sandwich.

Does tuna carry any kind of parasites or bacteria that I need to worry about?

Sushi is raw, tuna is cooked.

The tuna I get out of the can has been cooked?

yep…cooked in the can.


Did you think you were eating raw tuna fish all this time?

If so, would you believe that it grows in the can, too? :slight_smile:

Just don’t eat the canned corned beef.

And why do we call it “tunafish”? We all know tuna is a fish. It seems redundant. We don’t call salmon “salmonfish”.

Hmm…mine says “Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water”. Are you sure you’re not eating catfood?

The real threat form tuna is mercury. There’ve been a bunch o’ reports lately (all linked to the same study as far as I can tell) saying that the mercury is white albacore tuna is far higher than originally thought. Evidently, “light chunk” tuna is slightly better.
It’s kinda scary; the report states that a 132-lb woman needs only eat two cans a week to exceed the EPA’s recommended limit by FOUR times and I must eat it at least five times a week…
good article
mercury study

Well, you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.