Are tuques really endemic to Canada? Don’t the States have woolen winter hats too? What do you call them if not tuques?

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First,t hey’re called Toques, and yes they havethem in the states, but they call them (of all things) wool hats. What a bunch of weirdos eh?

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Trust me, dear, they’re called tuques, with two U’s, according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. A toque is one of those big puffy white chef’s hats.

On checking my dictionary, I find that tuque is indeed the correct spelling for wool hat, but it is derived from toque. Tuke is an alternative spelling.

Five gol-den tukes…
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Three French toasts
Two turtlenecks
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What, are turtlenecks endemic to Canada also??? Geez, no turtlenecks, no tuques… you yanks are even more deprived than I thought.

Definitely tuque. It was borrowed directly from the French. As Matt said, seems that the French tuque, of unknown origin, is derived from toque, also of unknown origin.

Yaeh, but Cap’n what are the six packs of ?? Two-four?

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We had 'em in the UP. I never knew how to spell it, though, until I read this thread.

Matt: I’m in the states, and the last time i wore a turtleneck was when i was in elementry school.