turbinate surgery

Has anyone gotten turbinate reduction surgery?

Did your turbinates get enlarged again after surgery?

Mine were enlarged already. I could never breathe properly through my nose.

After turbinate reduction surgery a couple of years ago, I can finally breath through both nostrils properly, although I must say, I wish they had cut mine down a bit more. I can still get a stuffy nose, and need some Afrin spray.

Depending on the severity of your case - all my doctors would look in my nose and go “wow”, you may ask your doc to consider taking a bit more off so you don’t end up “almost fixed”, but “entirely fixed”.


I have had surgery twice. The first time was with a technique that was supposed to be a less permanent but easier surgery. It only “worked” for about 2 years.

Three years or so later I got a more real surgery that actually removed turbinate tissue. This did work better, but even now I still get a stuffy nose during certain seasons, during colds, or just for whatever reason. Is it better? Yes. It allowed me to cut back on the amount of oral decongestants which was good for my health.

Do I sometimes wish they had been a bit more aggressive on my right nostril? Yes, but I was also a bit concerned about empty nose syndrome. A perfectly solved nose is a tough target to hit.

I had mine reduced in 2008 and I could breathe through my nose for the first time ever. They have since enlarged but are no where near as large as they were, I can still breathe through my nose without trouble.

my grandson had it a couple years ago.
He being an extreemly active boy would start choking and almost always end up vomiting if he wasn’t controled. My daughter took him in a bunch of times and that was to ENT’s as well as Pediatrician’s.
his Adnoids were removed and all kinds of allergy tests and positive on more than not!
One day at a pony leauge football game another mother was watching him and asked my daughter if anyone ever looked into turbinates and of course that was a NO.
And Yes his were very narrowed and when he went in for the procedure his Adnoids were again removed.
He is totaly free from the symptoms and is not struggling with allergies anywhere like before.
We are so thankful for the help of the other Mom, as her daughter was so heavily medicated before the correct diagnosis that she was almost non-functional!