Turbo/Retro encabulator (weird Earls)

Not sure just where to post this, I do have a factual question, but it might fit better in MPSIMS, mods feel free to move.

If you haven’t seen this week’s Weird Earls it is about encabulators both turbo and retro. The first link is to a GE specification page for a Turbo encabulator. The next link is three videos strung end to end again on turbo encabulators. BTW I saw the first video about 20 years ago in a automotive class (VCR tape) The guy in it used to do various training videos. The third link gives us this written page
Finally we have Rockwell Automation’s retro encabulator. Also see Rockwell’s Turbo encabulator. With the exception of the “training video” (3rd video in the 3 video string above) and Rockwell’s Turbo encabulator, they all use almost exactly the same language.

Where did this come from, who wrote it, and why?

I get this when I click on some of your links: The URL contained a malformed video ID.

And this: The page you requested is not available.

And: The requested URL /turbo-encabulator/ge_turbo-encabulator.pdfhttp:// was not found on this server.

None of your links worked for me.


All the links have garbage at the end. Just strip it off.

GAAAH! :smack:
How the hell did that happen?
Anyway, here are all the links corrected. Thanks Will Repair for the Wiki link, I didn’t think of checking there first, I guess I didn’t think it would be included.