turbo with water injection

When you turbocharge an engine, compressing the air causes the air to heat up, reducing efficiency (not to mention increasing the occurrance of knock and detonation.
Years before they started putting intercoolers on turbocharged engines they fitted the turbos with water injection, the amount injected a function of the intake manifold’s boost pressure and or intake temperature. Spraying water into the intake caused the water to evaporate, thus cooling the intake charge. A water/methanol mix(window wiper fluid) worked even better because vaporization of the water mix absorbed more charge heat. This makes sense since a finger dipped in window wash
feels cooler than water alone. When I dip my finger in acetone, my finger gets COLD!!! I figure this would be the ultimate turbo anti-detonant, and since its flammable, a fuel to boot. Only problem is, turbos, blowers, high-compression engines, etc. tend to require high octane fuels (Octane ratings describe a fuel’s resistance to detonation). If acetone’s octane is low, the engine could destroy itself internally.
Does anyone know the octane rating of Acetone?

I would not put water in there. What it does to those cylinder walls is something else. Water is pretty corrosive.

Why not just use nitrous instead

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Try here and here.

handy, my good man, do you have either citations or anecdotal evidence to share? Because in my experience and knowledge, modest levels of water injection have no impact on corrosion in IC engines.

Water injection is a very old practice with supercharged engines, going back to at least the 1930’s in racing airplanes. The water is fogged into the intake stream, so it’s not like a great deal of water is being poured into the cylinder. It is also spending only a tiny amount of time in the chamber as the engine is turing at least 1000 rpm (probably much higher if water injection is only used at higher boost regimes). Standing water, particularly rain runoff or sea spray, is murderously corrosive. Distilled water, and no racer would use even tap water in an injection system since particulates could clog the jets, is not nearly so corrosive.