Turd Specimens on Dutch Porcelain

The floating poop thread has prompted a memory going back 26 years when I spent some time in The Netherlands. I became acquainted with several toilet bowls cast in such a manner that the precipitated scats would enevitably land on a “dry” ledge. This I was told was for the purpose of inspection which was supposed to be a daily routine. Subsequent removal required positioning the surge tank in a much higher elevation thereby increasing the pressure of the water “jet” over the porcelain surface.

I have never seen this design in North America.** Is this design still being manufactured in Holland, or is it now obsolete?** I actually thought the system was more efficient and less wasteful of water due to the higher pressure.

Certainly still prevalent in Germany- a certain national obsession with the bowels there.

Also sounds like every single toliet I saw in my travels thru Russia. I was told the design was originally used for collecting the stool to be used in the garden as fertilizer.



Just wanna say I love the thread title. Sounds like a front-cover blurb on Martha Stewart’s Living.