Turkeys & virgin births

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What isn’t explained fully is just HOW does this occur. Are the turkeys using sperm from a previous mating or what?. Is it possible that a turkey that never mated gives birth?

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There’s one other way, minus sex, for turkeys to get pregnant… I used to work for a turkey processing company which bred turkeys also. Rather than rely on nature, a group of guys performed Artificial Insemination on the females. This is pretty normal across the industry for captive flocks. Never got a straight answer on how they gathered the sperm, but understand it was a manual process. However bad your job might be, this would have to be worse…

I would think that in order for this to happen the egg probally never split the dna so it contains all the chromozones <sp>, not 1/2. and produces a clone. Just a guess.

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