Turn turn turn turn KICK turn turn turn

Fun story about the Rockettes.

Why don’t you sign up?

Well, I am in the correct height range.

Age, weight, fitness, and dance training … nope, nope, nope, and nope.

Oh well. :wink:

That’s really neat! My high school director/choreographer was a Rockette, and her assistant was always careful to point out to us that at 67 years old and 250 pounds and arthritic knees that hadn’t done a high kick in 20 years, she was a Rockette, not a *former *Rockette. Once a Rockette, always a Rockette!

I can’t imagine Mrs. Harley doing a high kick to save her life, but if her strength of personality and will was any indication, those ladies are formidable!

Every season turn turn kick.

Sorry, that’s all I have to offer.

I’m pretty sure all stories about the Rocketts are fun.
They never break out of their cage and eat a tourist.

Oh man, I thought this thread was going to be about Parappa the Rapper.

Well, not on stage or en masse, anyway.

I though it would be about Morris dancing.

No one remembers Roger DeBris from the original Producers? :frowning:

Read a story about someone who always regretted not going with a friend who insisted on going to a Rockette’s audition. Neither of them danced a lick but the friend went anyway just for the fun and bragging rights of saying she once tried out for the Rockettes.

All threads should be about Parappa the Rapper.

(I thought it was going to be about A Chorus Line.) (Which, in a sense, it is.)

I always thought I was too short to be a Rockette… (I’m too fat, too. but too short is a valid, nothing I can do about it, excuse.)

And I could kick when I was the right age. Seriously kick.

Maybe it’s Vegas showgirl that I’m too short for.

Rockette fantasy camp would be fun… pity they don’t have one for grown non-dancing women (the way they have sports fantasy camps for grown, non-athletic sports fans.)

I’m half an inch too short and completely a “nope” in all other categories as well. :smiley:

That’s what I thought of when I read the title. “Wait! This is a decision that could affect my entire life! I shall have to think about it. <beat> I’ll do it!”