Turnabout Is Fair Play? English Girl Scammed by Thai Husband

See here. I’ve given so many examples of farang (Western) men scammed by their Thai wives, to many cries of “Serves him right!” that it’s good to know it happens in reverse, too.

Well, maybe not “good.” Sorry she lost her money, but seriously, she should have been a little more careful.

I don’t get why you apparently feel some sort of schadenfreude about this. It’s not like this was a fly-by-night hook-up. They were married, and presumably the woman loved the guy and thought she could trust him.

And it’s not like the marriage was one of those meet-fall-in-love-and-get-married-in-two-weeks type of things. She started dating the guy in May 2007, they started planning the wedding in early 2008, and got married at the end of 2008. If he only started showing signs of being a gambler since the wedding, there’s really not much she could have done differently. Sure, maybe there were signs that she missed, but if so, she’s not the first person it’s happened to.

I think she says it best in her last post:

I guess i just don’t quite get what the point of your OP is.

It’s a blog too isn’t it- are they to be believed? I guess I am thinking back to that one called “That Girl Emily” (along similar lines) which was a viral advertising campaign.

Well, I can’t say I’m happy about the poor girl’s misfortune. But I do find it interesting that not only can this sort of thing also happen to farang ladies – indeed, this is not the first time I’ve seen it – but whenever it does, a lot more slack is cut for the farang lady than for the farang man in a similar position. Actually, that could be somewhat fair, given the different possible motivations behind the marriages, but I still find it interesting. Most people think it happens solely to the guys and often that they deserve it without ever realizing it can and does happen to women, too. So that’s the point, it’s not only a guy thing.

And the guys’ marriages aren’t all after a two-week courtship, although a disturbing number are. Many have gone months or even years before getting married, but still the guy is treated as a reprobate for not knowing better if and when it turns sour over here.

It’s not really “turnabout” just because it was an English woman; it just means that woman can be duped as well She still got scammed by a Thai. I’m sure most farang guys that get taken are also in love with their tilac.

I want to see the story where some European scams a rich Thai. I’m sure it must have happened at some point.

Now that, to me, would be turnabout. All I really learn from these stories/threads is 1. not to bother going to Thailand (not like that’s in the budget anyways) and 2. if I ever do, attach my wallet to my body with steel hawsers and try not to get too grossed out by the rampant prostitution.

I’m sure Thailand has a rich and varied history–but we never seem to hear about that here…

Yes, it does, and I’ve posted about that, too. Perhaps these threads are just more memorable? Anyway, Thailand is well worth visiting. It’s just so many people seem to check their common sense in at the airport when they arrive.

That seems to happen in any warm place where people go on holidays.