Turning off drop-down (javascript?) menus on a site

Some time ago, the Washington Post changed its home page to add a highly annoying (to me) bar across the top that’s chock-a-block with sub-menus. It’s fairly high pixel-wise, and the sub-menus are large and persistent (they don’t disappear with a slight nudge of the mouse).

In other contexts I’d consider it a good menu. But I don’t use it, and it’s position and size means that often, after clicking a WaPo tab or bookmark, my mouse pointer remains near the top of the screen and the page’s headlines are obscured.

It’s not so bad that I want to remove dropdowns on all sites or jump through a series of hoops. I’m looking for a quick, site-specific fix, something hopefully built into NoScript or Adblock or available as an add-on.

You can turn NoScript into a blacklist rather than a whitelist by allowing global scripts and then selectively turning off scripts you don’t like as you come across them (iirc). So if you run NoScript and make it a blacklist, then you could just blacklist scripts originating from WashingtonPost.com. Sure, it will block ALL javascript originating from WashingtonPost.com, but I think even if there is an addon that will block a specific javascript ELEMENT domain-wide it would likely take more effort to configure than you’d really care to spend.

Ah ha. I just blocked the basic wapost.com and it’s gone.

I allow very few pages to run javascript–I probably turned it on for the Post a while back to look at a slideshow or something and forgot that I left it on. I didn’t check that before posting because, well, I’m an idiot and apparently assumed it was still off. No wonder the drop-downs seemed new to me.