Turning off my iPod

Until recently I could turn off my 60G Classic by holding down the play/pause button. That no longer does anything. How can I turn the damn thing off to keep it from draining the battery?

ehh, i’m pretty sure that is the only way. You should go to an apple store and have it checked out. Normally, with these kinds of devises, you could take the batery out, but Apple doesn’t allow you to do that (without taking the thing apart)
Good luck getting it fixed!

In a pinch you can always pause the song that’s playing and lock it, then let it power off on it’s own. FWIW I had problems shutting off a 4GB ipod for a while and the problem went away after the next software update; never had that problem with my 80GB.

Did you try to reboot the iPod to see if that restores the functionality? Assuming the play/pause button isn’t broken, I’d guess this is a software function not a hardware one.

First I’d try
Reseting iPod

And if that doesn’t do it and you’re desperate you could always try to ‘restore iPod to it’s factory settings’ via it’s splash screen when it’s plugged into iTunes.

I think this has happened to me once. Try rebooting. I think eventually, I had to let it drain the battery. After that, when I plugged it back in to my computer and it charged up, it behaved normally.

Thanks, that worked.

My husband’s ipod is a 60 G classic and I have to reboot it quite frequently as it refuses to shut off.