Turtles mated. Now what?

Red eared sliders. One huge and something like 14 years old. The other bought by one of my kids in Chinatown at a size that was below the legal limit something like four years ago. Still a fraction of the older one’s size. Once the smaller one got big enough that we thought it would be eaten we threw them both in the same large tank rather than have two tanks. They have tolerated each other up to now.

Now we just observed the younger, clearly male one, attached from behind and hanging somewhat upside down, yes, I slowly realized, turtle sex. And if you want to see something strange google up an image of a turtle penis.

I had no intention and have no intention of breeding turtles. Just had not much considered that the small guy and big mama would be different genders and when briefly thought about figured our tank would not meet whatever needs for mating turtles have. Who knew? No candles, no flowers … just stuck in the tank and hey let’s kill some time and hook up.

So what do I do now? Web sources talk about a nesting tank in about 2 months for her to lay her eggs. What if I don’t? Will she just have the turtle equal of a miscarriage? Damn, I should had the talk with them a bit earlier!

Take out the comma and so did he!

On the GQ side, I don’t really know. I never had water turtles reproduce, only the one wood turtle I had, and she was already a) pregnant and b) in a tank with soil to bury the things in.

You could always just remove the eggs when she lays them and toss 'em/destroy 'em if you don’t want sliderlings running…er, trudging around.

nice thing to witness before having children (especially girls.)

Oh crap.

You can imagine how tough a Caesarian on a turtle would be.:wink:


Now what? Now I’m afraid it’s turtles all the way down.

hee, hee

No, no oral sex involved, not that I observed anyway.

How likely is it that conception was achieved? You know I do like the older woman turtle, we’ve had her a long time, and I don’t want to lose her to “egg-binding”, but I really don’t want to have to set up a nesting area, or have to have two big turtle tanks. Or have to deal with my ten year old daughter being upset if eggs are laid and we don’t help them hatch.

Dang. Getting these things to mate is apparently supposed to difficult even for the advance turtle keeper

Yeah right. These horny bastards didn’t even need any Barry White.

Crud crud crud.

Find a vet that specializes in exotic animals around your area, and discuss with her/him your turtles’ husbandry and your concerns. You may end up having to take the female for a check up.

Your profile says you live in a major city. Why don’t you contact the local herp club. If these things are tough to breed you will probably be inundated with volounteers who will take the female off your hands for the duration of her “confinement”, prepare an ideal laying tank, incubate the eggs and let your daughter keep the young as well.

Herp nuts love this sort of thing.

Good idea. Thanks.

Out of curiosity, how many eggs is she likely to lay on average? I know nothing about turtle husbandry.

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Turtles mated. Now what?

So happy together