TV and movie ESP

My wife was watching (and jeering at) Category 6: Day of Destruction on SyFy. As I came in, the scene showed two women entering an elevator, which stopped a moment later and trapped them inside. I could only see the head of one of the women.

I asked, “Is that women pregnant?”

Turned out it was. Since, by the law of cliches, if there’s are one or more women trapped in an elevator, one of them 1. is pregnant and 2. will go into labor before the elevator is fixed*.

Turned out my super-ESP powers were correct. The woman was pregnant and did go into labor.

Who else has noticed this phenomenon? And where did you see it?**

*Does not apply to porn films.

**It doesn’t count if you happened to know a spoiler for the film.

“It’s quiet…”

Heh. Pretty funny. Yeah, there are certain well-worn tropes that can make it pretty easy to guess the plot points in TV shows or movies. I know I’ve seen the pregnant woman in an elevator/taxi/train more times than I could count. Couldn’t say where it originated, though.

However, your post reminds me of a similar story of my own. My father is a huge mystery fan and will watch or read anything in the genre, good or bad, original or cliched. As a result, I was introduced to a lot of excellent stuff like Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie but was also subjected to a lot of dreck like “Murder, She Wrote” or “Matlock”.

I remember one time when I was just passing by the TV room when, I think, the Dick Van Dyke Murders was just starting and I stopped to watch for a few minutes. It was just after the opening credits had rolled and Gavin McLeod showed up on-screen. I immediately called him as the murderer and left the room. I remember my father coming to me after the show was over and asking how the hell I knew it was him since the show was first-run. All I could say was that it was Gavin McLeod, of course he was the murderer! It really hadn’t entered my father’s mind that McLeod had played a villain in a number of other bit parts in his favourite shows.

Well, the easy one is that the first two people suspected on Law & Order are never guilty, it’s always the famous guest star or whoever is the richest.
I can usually tell when someone in a car is about to get a surprise impact from another vehicle. I don’t know if it’s the camera angle used, or if they spend just a few seconds too long focusing on something that isn’t important, but there’ll be a scene of a character in a car and I suddenly think, “I bet he’s about to get–” Bang!
It’s something in how the camera shows the window behind the person that just seems off.