TV antenna question

I have the rabbit ears with a power booster on my tv and the picture is kind of iffy. This is no doubt because my tv is in the basement so it’s a wonder I get any picture at all. Nevertheless, I’d like to improve things if possible and I was wondering if I were to tie wire around the rabbit ears and tie the other end around my radiant heating system (galvanized pipes) would this be worth the trouble?

Just a bump until somebody more knowledgeable comes along, but the way I understand it, it’ll only help if the pipes are orientated in such a way that their cross section is a multiple of the wavelength you’re trying to receive.

Dunno how radiant plumbing is connected, but if it is grounded like ordinary plumbing, you would be grounding your antenna, about the worst thing you could do if you want a signal. Any chance you could get a rooftop antenna and run coax downstairs? Or satellite or cable?