TV hits a new low with "Moment of Truth"

I think I’m more embarrassed admitting in public that I actually watched this piece of absolute trash than was the contestant who admitted he’d done something that would make his wife not trust him.

There aren’t enough words in any language to describe how slimy and disgusting this show is. I guess, if I put on my “hat of basest of human qualities” I can see how sleazy voyeur-types might want to watch it. What I don’t understand is: where’s the game? You’re asked all the questions while hooked to a lie-detector. If there’s even one question that you just could not stand to have known publicly (even for whatever the top money prize is), you don’t go on the show at all. If you think you’d be ok with any and all of the questions and answers being made public, you go on and keep answering, truthfully, until you win.

What kind of total moron, like the first guy last night, would go on thinking they can beat the lie-detector? I guess maybe the “quality” of the show itself is the answer to that question, but somehow I just still don’t get the game element of the show.

So what were some of the questions? Because some of the sample ones I saw during the commercials seemed pretty tame to me.

I thought it was low when we stooped to physical and backbiting competitions that make Running Man seem prescient.

Now, I wonder if these producers realize that Monty Pythons “Blackmail!” was a parody?

Maybe the kind of moron who knows they aren’t 100% accurate, or even close, or who knows they only measure how the body reacts to a situation?

I’m curious about what type of agreements the contestants sign- it seems like there could be serious ramifications IRL- like if the machine says a guy has cheated on his wife, and maybe he really hasn’t, and she kills him.

I watched it last night–or rather, part of it–and am not embarassed to admit that in public.

Afterall, I watched it because it was a game show, and I like game shows–except for all the ones I don’t like because they are over-dramatic or stupid.

I have no intention of ever watching it again, because it was over-dramatic and stupid, and I’m not sure why I want to watch a guy agonize over whether or not he has touched someone inappropriately who was a client of his as a personal trainer.

“Have you ever done something that would make your wife not trust you?”

“Have you ever had sex with someone on the day you first met?”

“Are you postponing having children because you’re not sure if you’ll stay with your wife for the long term?”

“Have you ever thought one of your friends was hitting on your wife?”

[The guy was a personal trainer] “Have you ever touched a female client more than was required?” This is the one where the guy answered “No”, and the big-lie-detector-voice-in-the-sky said that answer was false.

“Are you a member of the Hair club for men?”

“Have you ever padded your underwear to make yourself look more endowed?”

And God have mercy on me for remembering that many…

But my point is that you’ve heard all the questions they might ask. If you know that the truthful answer to one of them would be just so devastating if it were made public that it wouldn’t be worth a half a million dollars, how stupid do you have to be to take the chance?

Another one was, “Have you ever gone through the personal belongings of a co-worker without their knowledge?” He answered yes, with his boss sitting in front of him. His boss said they would discuss the matter later.

The original version in Columbia was cancelled for reasons along those lines. A woman admitted that she had hired a hitman to kill her husband.

This is a Fox Network show, right?

Yes–Fox network show

Owwwwwwww. You hurted my brain.
I remember several years ago listening to a media critic on the radio saying that at the core of most “unscripted” television was people being humiliated…which sums up perfectly why, other than the Bravo ones I haven’t really gotten into them. When actors do things that are embarassing I am in physical discomfort even knowing it isn’t real.

We saw a commercial for this show and my husband and I were talking about how if some awful question got asked (“Would you ever cheat on your wife” for example) and the guy answered “No, of course not” and the sign lit up “TRUE” or the bell went ding or whatever happens, while that is the answer that to me would be most satisfying, it isn’t great talk about it at work tomorrow television.

What I find really stupid is the contestant knows what questions will be asked. They are asked 50-70 questions beforehand and the 21 for the show are selected from that group. I find it really stupid that they sat there looking all shocked when a question was asked…they answered it once before already!

Polygraph lie detectors are complete and total bullshit.

Actually, not to hijack my own thread, but that answer is false. They are, if in the hands of a well-trained examiner, something like 90% reliable. Even the Mythbusters couldn’t fool one.

Since South Carolina has already suffered enough with a horrible series of American Idol auditions and a gaggle of politicians telling lies to win the state’s primaries, I feel obligated to point out that the defunct show was actually in Colombia. :slight_smile:

Bah, sorry about the typo.

Yeah, that really made the show rather uninteresting.
And during the few minutes I saw the show, it didn’t seem like they were attached to anything at all. The voice is responding to how the machine/examiner interpreted his answer beforehand.
If anything extremely criminal, scandalous, or sensitive was asked during the non-televised lie detection, the person simply wouldn’t go on the show.
Or maybe they would… maybe the producers look for contestents who would be just a comfortable being guests on the Jerry Springer show.

That would be the easiest show to win money on in history. I’d just tell my wife and all my friends that I was about to tell the truth about everything, and afterwards we’d all have a big party with the winnings. Where is the drama here?

And my wife got pretty irritated with me shouting “The question has been answered Logan Five” every time the computer voice chimed in.

Is this a woosh? Mythbusters? Are citing Mythbusters?