TV Hypnosis

How come on TV when they hyp-no-tise somebody, the folks watching don’t get hyp-no-tised too?

Probably for the same reason that when psychics telepath messages back and forth to their subjects, the TV audience is similarly not affected.

Hm. How about TV weddings? Are the actors now betrothed in the eyes of God? They did recite vows and all…

They recited vows…administered by a guy who has played a priest on seven different sitcoms…and three “Love Boats”.

The hypnotist selects volunteers from the audience prior the start of the show. The volunteers are taken backstage where the hypnosis is performed, then brought back on stage for the show.

Simple answer: Because you have to be a participant; simply observing’s not going to cut it. The nature of hypnosis is such that the focus of both the hypnotizer and the subject must be on one another.

Actually, I was working at one of those shows, and while they were doing the hypnosis bit on stage, one of the lighting guys keeled over, apparently being sensitive to that kind of stuff.

A couple of my friends went and participated in the show and - provided my friends did not lie to me - it seems the hypnosis thing really worked.

Oh hypnosis deffinitely works. I’ve performed stage hypnosis a few times (not professionally though) and I’ve been hypnotised twice.

AudreyK added another good point: In order to be hypnotized, you must take part in the hypnosis. Sometimes a hypnotist will perform the actual hypnosis in front of the audience…but since the audience isn’t partaking in the actions, they aren’t hypnotized.