Tv or antenna inteference

Ive got an lcd tv in the living room hooked up to an attic antenna, with a full floor in-between. Our kitchen is open to the living room and I recently replaced 6 -65 watt incandescent bulbs in the kitchen with 6-12 watt leds, 75 watt equivalent. Ever since then, every time I turn on the kitchen lights, I lose signal with my most popular tv station.
What situation is a happening now, that wasnt when I had incandescent bulbs in?
I would have thought leds would have performed better than an incandescent, as far as interfering with the tv, with them using less electricity.
They are 5000K color, if that makes a difference

LED bulbs have electronics in them that can emit RF radiation, just like any other electronic gadget.

I would suggest that you slightly unscrew all of the bulbs (so that they don’t light up when you turn on the light switch). Then turn on the light switch and tighten one bulb at a time and see if it affects your TV. You may just have a single bad bulb.

If all the bulbs seem to have the same effect, then buy a bulb of a different brand and replace just one bulb with the new one. Turn on only that bulb and see if it affects your TV.

Do you have a coax cable or just plain wires from the TV to the antenna? A coax cable should prevent a lot of interference.

You may also need to aim the antenna more towards that station’s transmitting antenna.
The following web address will tell you the directions of OTA TV stations from your home. You just need to give them your zip code.

Thanks for ur suggestions. Yes I have a coax cable, its not a great need of mine, and its easy to work around if I have to. I was just curious as to why it wasnt prevalent with my old bulbs, and if it had something to do with the tv, or the antenna, or a combination.