TV polls. Qs about SNL and Friends...

Friends: How would you end next season? Is it Ross and Rachael or Joey and Rachael…or…Ross and Joey?? :smiley:

SNL: Which current cast member would you miss the most if they announced they were leaving? (And will ferral already left so he doesn’t count… :()

SNL2: Who would you like to see Host? Be the musical guest?


Friends: Ross and Joey.

SNL: Jimmy Fallon. He’s adorable. I went out with a guy who looked just like him. Yummy.

SNL2: No opinion.

I can see you’re new. Welcome to the boards, and yes, I’m gay. :smiley:

Cafe Society. I’m straight, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

Friends: If the last shot of the series is not Joey and Phoebe kissing, I will be severely put out.

SNL: Tina Faye (apologies for an incorrect spelling).

SNL2: John Cusack and Bruce Springsteen would produce a massive coronary of joy.


Friends: Rachel and Janice.

Don’t care about SNL1, or SNL2.

Oh yes, definitely! :smiley: As long as Janice doesn’t talk too much, that is…

SNL1: Darrell Hammond or Tina Fey.

SNL2: I’d like to see Alyson Hannigan host, Weird Al Yankovic as musical guest

SNL: I would miss Tine Fey. I wish she would do more than just the Weekend Update.
SNL Musical Guest/Host: Grace Slick

Friends: I was hoping for Rachel and Joey, but that is probably not going to happen.
I haven’t watched SNL in a while, so I don’t know about the first question, but I would watch if the musical guests were something along the lines of the Eels, Pearl Jam, Jane’s Addiction, Tori or the Cure. Wishful thinking, I’m sure…

I’m one of the few people, apparently, who really likes SNL; in fact I think last season’s cast was one of the best they’ve ever had. Tina Fey is my imaginary girlfriend, so she can’t leave the show. But I also think Maya (sp?) Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and Amy Poehler are great. With the right material, any one of them could be the standout of the show next season, especially Rudolph. (Chris Kattan is welcome to leave, as are those interchangeable white guys they added to the cast last year. (But Drunk Girl is kind of funny, sometimes) And maybe because I’m a straight male, but I don’t get why Jimmy Fallon is on the show in the first place.)

Uh, that’s more than you asked for, isn’t it? Musical guest: Kim Deal (and let her be in at least one sketch). Host: I’m with Weird Al; Alyson Hannigan would be awesome.

I haven’t watched “Friends” since the middle of the second season, but I always assumed it was going to turn out: Ross/Rachael, Joey/Pheobe, Chandler/Monica. They should definitely bring Janice back at least once.

Tina Fey’s too busy: she’s the head writer, or writing supervisor, or something.

Musical guest: Kate Bush. She’s only ever done the show once, back in 1978 when she first burst onto the scene (except in the US). (Or maybe her appearance was in 1979.) I doubt it will ever happen, though, because she only ever did one tour (1979) which was UK & Europe only, and it’s been almost 10 years since her last album, although a new one is apparently finished and being mastered right now.

Plus, Kate’s always had a fear of flying, and I don’t think Sept. 11 has done much for that. :frowning: And she’d be flying into NYC of all places… :eek:

And she’s got a little boy now, the father of whom is still being kept a secret, AFAIK.

Okay, my answers (guess I gotta give em since I started this thread)

  1. I too vote for the all-too-obvious ross/rachael and joey/pheobe ending (and monica finding out she’s pregnant at their double wedding, of course)

  2. SNL cast member? I love some of Tina Fey’s commentaries on Weekend update… the one with hugh heffner’s girlfriends? priceless! And since she is a " head writer" for the show, she definately can’t go. I also love Chris Parnell, who left the show mid-seasone last year but then came back.

  3. Brad Pitt (and no, not because I think he’s cute, I honestly think he is an underrated actor) and Pearl Jam (okay, so they’ve done it before but I can never get too much pearl jam) if not pearl jam then Ben Harper or (for the love of my husband) System of a Down.


Yeah, I know. But still…