TV ratings

The TV ratings sure don’t help whatsoever! Some people don’t even know what they mean nor does it even stop them from watching the trash on TV?

I worked in radio for awhile, so maybe I can speak with a little authority here…

The ratings, though they are made available to the public, are really only done as a tool for the salespeople of the station. It helps them judge how much they can charge for commercial time, and if the station’s ratings are high, it makes something nice that can be shown to prospective clients.

Carpe hoc!

mik, what ‘ratings’ are you talking about? Content ratings or Neilson Ratings?

Sorry! I meant the content ratings…
I really don’t think flashing up letters
on the screen really stops anyone from
watching anything on TV?

If I am not mistaken, is there a new thing coming out called a V-chip?

The “V-chip” is not coming – it is already here. It is designed (IIRC) to work with signals broadcast as part of the program; like an Internet filter it keeps out programs that don’t meet user-specified criteria. And like an Internet filter, children will know more about it and how to get around it than their parents will know.

Of course not. Those numbers are not designed to stop anyone watching anything on TV, they are designed to assist people in deciding what they or their children watch on TV. People who do not know (or do not care or do care and don’t know or don’t care and do know) what they mean are free to watch whatever trash they want on TV.
Got all that?