TV Reunions-Best,Worst,First

I have questions about t.v. reunion movies.

  1. Which was the first? Gilligan’s Island?
  2. Which was the worst? Brady Brides?
  3. Which was the best? I-Spy?

The first question must have a definitive answer, but I welcome your opinions on the other two!

There have been a lot of reunion shows- frankly, it seemed as if the Brady Bunch NEVER went away. No sooner was their lame sitcom cancelled than they were back with a lamer variety show!

The first reunion show I can recall, though, was a “Father Knows Best” reunion… late 70s or early 80s, I think. Every bit as corny and smarmy as the old series.

Astorian: I remember that Father Knows Best! For the worst reunion shows: Green Acres; Beverly Hillbilles (there were 2!);Get Smart (the 1st movie and the Fox TV revival) and the best was Return To Mayberry.

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