TV Show- Google fails me

Back in the end of the 80s there was a TV special on music of the westward movement, I believe Kenny Rogers was the host.

The songs included I’m a Good Old Rebel, Golden Slipper, Starving to Death on a Government Claim, Buffalo Gals.

I can not seem to find it mentioned online anywhere, and I am trying to see if there is a copy on tape or dvd to buy …


Here’s the IMDB entry for Kenny Rogers where it lists all of his film appearances as “Self.” Just looking at the titles, several of them look like they’d fit what you want. In the early 90s.

Already checked them out previously, nope. =(

Any suggestions? I have googled for:

all the songs I know were on the special
the names of male CW singers of the late 80s and early to mid 90s
then using their names, hit up IMDB, their wiki pages, their pages if they have them
and in a random hope every variant of western, music, settlers, frontier, pioneer :frowning: