TV show "law" nitpicking - website?

I’m wondering if out in that [del]great electronic wasteland[/del] vast information highway we call the internet there’s a site like (WARNING! contains a link to!) or TWoP that specializes in nitpicking the mistakes TV writers make when they deal with the law.

Anybody seen something like that?

You Fail Law Forever

That’s good, but it’s way smaller in scope than I’m hoping for, FWIW.

You might try:

It seems heavily weighted toward SF shows and movies, but it does have a “crime” section…TRM

I have no answer for this, but I always thought this idea would make for a good radio program (well, it would be interesting to me. I don’t know about anyone else) or, now, podcast. I’d be interested in something more than just nit-picking, though. You could set up a sort of round-table/panel discussion with a couple of attorneys and a host, and discuss various legal principles represented in TV shows, both poorly represented and well represented. The “nitpicking” could lead to actual substantive discussion of how things usually play out in real life.

Anybody know some attorneys with time on their hands? And podcasting equipment?

Bob Ingersol was a Cleveland public defender who used to write a column for The Comics Buyers Guide on Law and comic books. He would also expound on legal mistakes in movies and tv shows. He stopped doing the column in 2003. The old columns are archived at Well worth the read.

FindLaw used to have reviews of various legal shows (Ally McBeal, Ed, Law & Order, The Practice, and The West Wing), talking about the stuff that the creators got right and wrong.

It’s also a completely inactive site since, even if you have a login, you can’t actually nitpick anything anymore. The software is screwed up, and the owners don’t care enough to fix it. There’s a reason why Latest Nitpicks always says “No topics found.”