TV show NCIS why is it in such high resolution when there is no blu ray out for it?

I came across a clip on youtube of NCIS it is in high resolution!!! Yet there is no blu ray out for it!!

When other people watch NCIS on TV or buy a DVD box set how does the resolution look?

Some blu ray players may upconverts close to HD? Look at the youtube clip?

When other people here get a the NCIS box set how is the resolution look? Does it look like youtube clip below?

Some NCIS seasons have higher resolution than other seasons?

How can there be such high resolution for NCIS when there no box set in blue ray yet for NCIS.

Really strange why NCIS it is in high resolution!!! Yet there is no blu ray out for it!!

—higher resolution of NCIS —

The resolution of a TV show has nothing to do with whether it is available in another medium.

As long as a TV show was shot on film in the past or today on digital video it can be released on Blu-ray. However, to do so is expensive. And because of the convenience and ubiquitousness of streaming, Blu-ray disc sales have flattened, so networks have less & less incentive to do a full Blu-ray release anymore.

Oh, and that YouTube clip was posted by the network itself, so obviously they posted it in HD, but from the original digital source (not from any consumer Blu-ray disc, which apparently haven’t been released).

I thought may be they where using DVD and using upconverts to get it to look like it?

I’m sure there are many members here that buy NCIS on DVD and have blu ray upconverts. Many be their blu ray upconverts than upconvert it to that resolution.

The first public high-definition digital TV broadcasts in the U.S. began in 1996.

The first Blu-ray titles were released in 2006.

I doubt it.

To elaborate on these: NCIS is broadcast in the U.S. on CBS at 1080i. It can be viewed in hi-def over the air or on cable or satellite by anyone with an HDTV.

No. I stream it in HD on Netflix. First 11 seasons currently available. I never got a Blu-Ray player because streaming HD content caught up pretty quick, and my TV upconverts everything to 1080p anyway.

Yeah, this board skews old, but it doesn’t skew THAT old.

Seriously… who buys popular TV shows on DVD or Blu-Ray? They’ll be in syndication on and off forever, and on streaming media all the time.

The only time it makes any kind of sense to me to get a series on removable media is for example, if the show was a one/two season show that you like for some particular reason, but whose popularity isn’t such that it’ll be syndicated. Even most of those are in streaming media format.

NCIS is shot in HD, but in post production is de-sharpened to more resemble being shot on film. Every once in a while, there is a boo boo, and a painfully sharp shot sneaks on air.

Check out the 4K TV’s with their special demo loops. Dang things look WAY too sharp to be real.

This is NCIS Los Angeles spin off it does look more sharp and better resolution than the original NCIS for some reason.

Tell me when we have 2,000 movies to choose from and over 1,000 TV shows to choose from on Netflix every month all year and many years all season and episodes than we hit gold.

To than Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime is still in its infancy.

That clip of NCIS Los Angeles are in very high resolution yes very high resolution. I’m not even sure a blu ray player could even upconverts it.

The DVD box sets they de-sharpened it.

They didn’t “de-sharpen” it. DVDs don’t support HD resolution - they’re a 480i format only. So any HD show released on DVD will look worse than the original broadcast. Even upconverting doesn’t do much - once information is gone, it’s gone, and the interpolation used in upconverting can’t reproduce the original content.

I was not sure if the youtube clip was upconvert it or not?

I was not sure if blu ray player could upconvert like that or not.

So the network just release it in HD for TV and streaming but no blu ray release.

The NCIS Los Angeles normally go out of way to make it look sharper and better than the resolution than the original NCIS for some reason.

I do not think you understand what upconvert means.

The term ‘upconvert’ in this case refers to a specific technology, where DVD players (and Blu-ray players) are able to play a DVD disc (NOT a Blu-ray disc) and use mathematical trickery to ‘upconvert’ it to look a little better on an HD TV screen. It can’t ‘convert’ it to any higher resolution, it simply uses different digital effects that are less garish looking on an HD TV screen then merely enlarging a standard-def picture. Check out the Wiki article on video scaler.

None of this comes into play in terms of your original question though. The YouTube clip is from the content provider, and they shoot in hi-def, they broadcast in hi-def, they make the show available for streaming in hi-def, and they post their YouTube clips in hi-def. However they have not as yet released the show for purchase on hi-def Blu-ray disc.