TV Shows That Just Collapsed At The End

I was just watching some old Laverne And Shirley and the last season the entire show just seemed to collapse. I mean first Shirley left, then Lenny, it was just awful.

Also Drew Carey just seemed to lose all direction right at the end too. Ellen as well seemed to go from being funny to a “cause” show.

What other TV shows do you think just collapsed, totally losing direction at the end of their run. I don’t mean shows that just had a bad final episode, but just the last season or last two season, just seemed to lose all their direction.

I would include Roseanne in there but the hole idea the last season was a story seemed planned so I don’t know if I’d call that losing direction.

Obviously this is just an opinion but I’d like to hear what others think

ST:TNG–the last season seemed to feautre every main and most supporting characters starring in a single episode in which they went nuts. No real season arc or anything.

Babylon 5–I still deny Season 5 really happened. seemed like they rushed to wrap up everything at the end of Season 4 due to uncertain funding…then when they actually had to do a fifth season they were out of ideas.

Yes, they were canceled after season 4, so they wrapped up. It’s why Ivanova is in the finale, actually.

Anyway, no thread like this is complete without the two classic examples of this.

X-files and Twin Peaks

Both wonderful shows, but unbearable by the end.

Millenium. After an awesome season 2 and an epic season 2 finale, they fucked everything up by chickening out on the ramifications of the season 2 ender when they started season 3.

Lost in Space.

Agreed. Northern Exposure also comes to mind.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There were some neat ideas in season 7 (first evil, ubervamp, and mystical stuff surrounding Buffy’s death and resurrection,) but they just stretched out about ten episodes of content into twenty-two, and the “Slayerettes” were annoying as fuck.

Does it count if a show sucked from the pilot on?

Sure- otherwise we would have few shows to talk about :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Bouv on this. BtVS has to be the poster child for crapping out at the end.

Overall I agree, but the final season had some gems. The Final Episode, “Tranquility Base” was great and touching. “The Quest” was incredible, nearly one of their best. This is the one where Joel finds a map and he and Maggie go on a quest to find a mythical city and Joel departs. Actually that is when the show went downhill, but it was for less than ½ a season.

Taxi’s final season was a big step down from the prior seasons, but not a Collaspe.

MAS*H was getting very weak by the end but was redeem with its Farewell.

Seinfeld was unwatchable the final season and its finale was terrible.

Happy Days was a good show, that got worse, then found a way to get even worse and then went on sucking for four more years.

Night Court had a very poor final season after years of at least entertaining silliness.

Markxxx gave some great examples in the Op. What about shows like Alice or Facts of Life that were never good but got really putrid and yet stayed on the air?

Roseanne went right to hell in its last season.

AND the season before it. Shark jumping became its raison d’etre the last couple years.

Actually I liked the last couple of seasons before the “it never happened” season. Even the lottery win could have worked, it just was played as too loopy and surreal and then that “shoot the ‘I made it all up’ scene if you have to but don’t actually air it” bizarre crackpotted ego trip finale didn’t help much.
The only major thing I didn’t like in the seasons before the surreal one was the new baby, Jerry Garcia Connor. I know Roseanne was pregnant in real life, but they hid it successfully on plenty of other shows, and the “married couple… running out of things to do plotwise… ooh, later in life baby!” plot has never helped any show- at least he aged in real time.

Shows that should have just quit production when the stars left always went to hell:

Happy Days (not on my favorites anyway, but after Richie and Malph et al departed…)

Archie Bunker’s Place (should have wrapped before Edith died imo

That 70s Show- I’ve only seen one or two eps after Eric and Kelso left, but they were horrible

Laverne and Shirley [minus Shirley]- what the hell was that about? For that matter the whole “everyone we know is moving to LA” plot line blew.

Gimme a Break- Chief dying couldn’t be helped (though personally I wouldn’t have hired a morbidly obese chain smoking 60 year old actor to begin with), but the non-stop changes, adding the ridiculously adorable Lawrence urchin, moving to NYC, ditching the girls to add ANOTHER ridiculously adorable Lawrence urchin [in spite of the fact the first one was an orphan or foster kid or whatever the hell he was] all just kept a show in a persistent vegetative state for far longer than necessary or merciful.

Facts of Life- Edna Garrett moves to Africa after a 3 minute courtship, the oldest girls are 32 and out of college but still living above a [del]catering shop[/del]kitsch store, Cloris Leachman is brought on as a never before mentioned sister because most people when leaving the country in fact have a sibling move into their house and business, and they made the wise decision of ditching George Clooney. Yeah… (Of course Facts is a show that I loved at the time and later watched on TV Land and wondered “what the hell was I thinking?”)

Newsradio, though admittedly for an understandable reason.

Ally McBeal

Happy Days? The dramatic tension created from Season 1 on waiting for Chuck to come downstairs just built and built and built. He was the coolest character ever!! But if you had missed that episode, I think you missed what the whole series was about. The older brother who is hid upstairs in the closet that nobody ever mentions again. From then on, Marion and Howard only had two children.

“Melrose Place” went from standard 90’s drama to the craziest soap opera to grace prime time ever. Half of the characters became eeeevil and at one point I think that the whole apartment complex was blown away by a bomb planted by Marcia Cross.

“Alias” was never a particularly realistic show, more like a Roger Moore era James Bond, but the last season was a drug-induced surreal bundle of crazy plot twists piled together.

One episode had pregnant Sydney joining some French mercenary girl to find a cryogenized body she believes belongs to her dead husband, only to find that it was the French girl’s presumed dead father all along, but no, once they get rid of the bad guys that were trying to kill them all, it just was some random villain guy who had been surgically altered to look like him.

And that was one episode.

Amen. AMEN! I was disgusted and stopped watching by the chickening out.

Homicide: Life on the Streets was one of the greatest shows ever, but its final season was pretty damn weak.