TV Shows Where You've Seen EVERY Episode!

Seem 'em all:
Clerks: TAS
CSI: New York
(for some reason, the fricking DVR didn’t record this season’s finale of CSI, so I can’t include that one. I’m still missing a few from the 1st season of CSI: Miami)
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
The Office (American)

More recent, thus easier:
The Closer
The Inside

Shows that I’ve probably seen all of, but can’t be 100% certain about:
Law & Order: SVU

I have a feeling that I’m forgetting quite a few others as well…

Twin Peaks
Are You Being Served?
American Dreams

These are the only three about which I’m absolutely positive. I’m 95% sure of Police Squad!

Oh, also – the new Battlestar Galactica (incl. the miniseries) and Police Squad!

–Cliffy, again

Also also the animated Clerks and the UK version of The Office but not the Christmas Special. (Missed one of the U>S. version.)

–Cliffy, again again

Futurama and Dilbert are the only ones for me.

When the producers will have completed South Park, Night Court, Simpsons and MAS*H on DVD, they will join those two.

Oh, and Sports Night.

Jeez, I’m a forgetful little bugger, ain’t I. Must be all that TV rotting my brain.


TNG, maybe

Oh yeah…I forgot:
Point Pleasant
The Young Ones

I think I must have caught forgetfulness fromCliffy.

A couple more shows:

Connections (1 & 2)
Archaeology (Remember when you could actually learn something from TLC?)
Command Decisions (I think)


Cowboy Bebop
Police Squad
Red Dwarf
Black Adder(Well, except for the Cavalier Years)
Animated Clerks
Family Guy
South Park

Northern Exposure
The Sopranos
AKA Pablo (All 6 episodes)

**Star Trek

The Prisoner

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Police Squad!


The Day the Universe Changed


I think I’ve seen every episode of the original Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, but I couldn’t swear to it.

Star Trek: TOS
Star Trek: TNG
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Green Acres
Twilight Zone (orig. series)
Outer Limits (orig. series)
The Wild Wild West
Everybody Loves Raymond (sorry)

The X-Files, since no one has mentioned it yet. All nine seasons, for better and for worse.

Shows I’ve seen all episodes of and NOT embarassed to say so:

Star Trek: TOS and TNG (only about 3/4 through DS9 - won’t touch VOY or ENT with a 10-ft pole…)
All Babylon 5-related shows, specials and tv movies
House, MD
American Chopper
Monster Garage
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Shows I’ve seen all episodes of and am kind of embarassed to admit:
American Idol (all 4 seasons…yes, I’m a masochist)
Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven

The Brady Bunch (watching this was part of the after-school ritual when I was a kid)
Gilligans Island (ditto)
Batman (ditto)
Star Trek (TOS)
Family Guy
Wonder Showzen (downloaded every episode and watched 'em all in a row. I’m legally
insane now, like with the 6 hits of acid UL)
The Young Ones

Simpsons (might have a missed a couple recent eps)
South Park

Twin Peaks (missed most of last season)
Robot Chicken
I know I’m missing several

In addition to many listed above, Gilmore Girls.

The Simpsons (356)
Law and Order (349)
Beavis and Butt-head (199)
King of the Hill (186)
Seinfeld (180)
Wings (172)
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (139)
South Park (132)
Malcolm in the Middle (129)
NewsRadio (97)
Law and Order: Criminal Intent (89)
Futurama (72)
Daria (69)
Family Guy (58)
Home Movies (52)
Trailer Park Boys (42)

The Shield
The Simpsons
Cowboy bebop
Family Guy
Shopping Mall Amenobashi
Desparate Housewives
The Brak Show
Home Movies
Good Eats - (Does that count?)
South Park
Black Books
Coupling (UK)
Fawlty Towers
The 4400 (or is that a miniseries?)