TV shows with two or more Halloween episodes?

In a fit of nostalgia I recently started watching Girl Meets World, which is a spin-off of Boy Meets World, a TV from my teen years. It’s pretty cute, and this weekend I saw the first season’s Halloween special. To my delight, the remaining two seasons also have Halloween episodes.

I’ve always really enjoyed shows that have semi-annual Halloween and Christmas episodes, and I’ve always wished there were more.

Can we make a list of TV shows that didn’t do one-and-done when it comes to Halloween?

I’ll start:

[li]The Simpsons - may as well mention a show that has a Halloween-themed episode every year, right? :D[/li][li]Alvin and the Chipmunks[/li][li]Tiny Tunes[/li][li]The Suite Life of Zack & Cody[/li][/ul]

[li]Roseanne - up until I think the final season of the original run, there was a Halloween episode every year[/li][li]Two Guys and a Girl (and a Pizza Place)[/li][li]How I Met Your Mother[/li][li]Last Man Standing[/li][li]Hart of Dixie[/li][li]Boy Meets World[/li][li]Fresh Off the Boat[/li][li]Growing Pains[/li][li]Home Improvement[/li][li]Melissa & Joey[/li][/ul]

[li]Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman[/li][li]E.R.[/li][li]Grey’s Anatomy[/li][li]CSI: Miami[/li][li]CSI: New York[/li][li]Desperate Housewives[/li][li]Dawson’s Creek[/li][li]One Tree Hill[/li][li]Pretty Little Liars[/li][li]Gossip Girl[/li][/ul]

[li]Buffy the Vampire Slayer[/li][li]Charmed[/li][li]Ghost Whisperer[/li][li]The Vampire Diaries[/li][li]Sabrina the Teenage Witch[/li][/ul]

What else have you seen?

Modern Family does one every year!

Community has four. The Office has six. Bob’s Burgers has seven.

Big Bang Theory has a few, I think. From season 1, when Penny hosts a party. A later season, they go to the comic book store to try to win a group prize. I think there are others, but I’m too lazy to look.

Who could ever forget Penny as Wonder Woman? Of course there was one this year with Howard imitating Sheldon and later Sheldon and Amy mocking Howard and Bernadette.

I think most of the current sitcoms do a new Halloween episode each year - Christmas too.

Does Stranger Things count?

Uhm … Bewitched? :dubious: :confused:

Uhm … that was a New Year’s Eve party.

Not just the newer ones. As long as I can remember, sitcoms (and some drama series) have had Halloween episodes, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas ones.

I know Nathan Fillion dressed up as Mal on one episode of Castle. I quit watching that show, so I don’t know if they did any more Halloween eps.

The Middle had one every season.

Star Trek only had one. :wink:

I think that the reason they wouldn’t is for purposes of syndication. It used to be that, after the first run of a show, re-runs could be shown in any old order. So you didn’t want too much continuity to get tangled up, and you didn’t want particular episodes tied to particular times of year. Nowadays, though, the way people watch TV has changed, and re-watches are likely to be binges, so it doesn’t matter as much.

Penny as Wonder Woman was a New Years Eve episode not a Halloween episode

Night Court had some good Halloween episodes.

Naturally, Wiki has a list of Halloween episodes

Whole lotta overlinkin’ goin’ on there.

I know. I’ve been one of the page’s editors. It’s not nearly all-inclusive, however.

I was always amused at Rosanne’s Halloween parties, with costumes and decorations which would have cost thousands - on a family income of around $40K. Inappropriately opulent Halloween parties are common enough on series television that I would have thought that TV Tropes would have an article on them, but they do not.

I was really surprised to see that MASH had only one Halloween episode in it’s entire 11 year run and it was toward the end (Trick or Treatment in 1982).