TV shows you like, I which you dislike one character/actor

The first couple seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, when he was introducing the family during the opening credits, would say “It’s not about the kids”. So the kids were always meant to be background, not a focal point. However that did change in later seasons as they got older - there were a number of kid-centric episodes.

Well deserved? Feh. She was always nagging Ray about doing household chores when she’s a stay at home mom, and even physically abused Ray a couple of times.

Actually, I think the kids on that show are more like real life kids. Sitcom children often seem fake with their adult savvy and scripted perfect comeback lines.

You’re right about Ray being unfit for his job as a writer though. The show presents him as unable to correctly pronounce long words and also showing contempt for reading in general. This guy could never be a successful writer.

Most People Barely Tolerate Raymond

The only episode that I absolutely cannot watch is the one about the obnoxious kid, Spencer.

My pick is Mary McDonnell, as mentioned upthread. Except I don’t think she’s a good actress either. One facial expression and a droning voice. Absolutely incapable of showing any emotion at all. I hated her in Battlestar and stopped watching The Closer/Major Crimes when she took over.

You kind of have to cut her some slack on this one, her most prominent role before Bosch was as a zombie on The Walking Dead. Facial expressions weren’t a big part of that role. :wink: ( I see it’s been mentioned already but I’m going to leave it in anyway)

For me it’s because he looks like he only bathes every year or so. The extra weight and scraggly facial hair doesn’t help any. I kind of think of him as last decades Pete Davidson. Both should be on the top of the list to call when you need to cast a skeevy pervert.

Man, I’m an awful fanboy. I’ve never seen those words before. Bangel is great tho.

I loved 2 Broke Girls, but I could not stand Sophie. Probably because she was played by Jennifer Coolidge, whom I watch with all the enthusiasm of having a cheese grater rubbed up and down my body.

The worst episode is the one where they insult the school janitor. It’s horrific.

Seconded. Her voice can split concrete and she’s way too old to dress the way she does.


I do! Best Captain ever. Shatner brought just the right amount of camp and swagger along with gravitas to the character. More importantly, the character exuded intelligence. He was always the smartest guy in the room, even when Spock was there. And Shatner got that across.

Compare his Kirk to Chris Pine’s. They were about the same age when they played the roles, as I recall, but Pine is completely unbelievable as a starship captain, while Shatner’s Kirk is believably the best captain in the fleet.

This is a greatly overblown meme. Given that Shatner had sex appeal, of course the writers were going to write romantic scenes into the show. But generally they were either forced on him, or he honestly fell in love with someone (Edith Keeler, Mirimani (sp?). He only used sex manipulatively one or two times as I recall. He seduced that woman who trapped him on the fake Enterprise on the overcrowded planet, and he seduced the daughter of Kodos the Executioner for information.

Spock also had multiple romantic episodes, and given that he was a Vulcan that was much harder for the writers to finagle.

Well, he was a product of the 60’s era. A ‘southern gentleman’ with all that the stereotype brought in the 1960’s. Genteel, but slightly racist and sexist even though he considers himself enlightened.


Well, he may have only been a binge drinker on shore leave, but otherwise a lover of good scotch on the right occassion. I don’t think you can be a raging alcoholic and run the engineering crew on a starship as effectively as he does.

His sexism was more of a ‘I will protect the helpless little lady’ form on sexism. No doubt he saw himself as a protector of women, and it likely didn’t occur to him that taking on such a role was condescending. Because peoole in the 60’s didn’t see it that way. The show is of its time

Mistress or wife? He married her at some point. But yeah, not a great actress or character. Not the worst, though - that still goes to Yeoman Rand.

Meh. I don’t think he ever had any real challenges as far as acting goes. George Takei has never impressed me as an actor, or unimpressed me. He’s just there filling a role serviceably. I’d say the same about Chekov and Uhura. They never were given meaty enough parts to demonstrate if they were really any good as actors.

Thirded. Overexaggerated facial expressions, terrible Polish accent, grotesque dialog, and in the final seasons, pushing that stupid blinged-up pram everywhere. Having the audience cheering and hooting and hollering didn’t help.

Slept with the leader of the Scalosians in “Wink Of An Eye.” Worked on seducing the Andromedan female in “By Any Other Name.”

You could make a case for “Mirror, Mirror”.

Okay, I’ll accept those. Spock seduced a Romulan commander. Fell in love with Mariette Hartley in furs. Fell in love with an ex-someone after a flower infected his brain. He had nurse Chapel chasing him. I’m probably forgetting other episodes other than Amok Time.

Still, five or six romantic episodes out of 79 doesn’t really warrant the stereotype of Kirk being a womanizer. There are far more episodes where he saved the day by thinking of something no one else did, or made some xlever escape like in the Corbomite Manoever. And he routinely beat Spock at 3D chess.

Awwwww, that’s one of my favorites.

You don’t find it cringe worthy?

Oddly enough, no. I mean it is, but not in the way that some cringe humor makes me uncomfortable. I get why someone wouldn’t like it but It cracks me up every time. Especially the part where Ray calls Robert out for arresting the guy who was making “gang signals”.

I love Better Things, but the two oldest daughters, Max and Frankie, are so self-entitled and cruel that their scenes with Sam are often hard to watch for me. The actresses are fantastic, but the characters can be utterly loathsome.

I really liked The Blacklist however Megan Boone’s acting literally made it unwatchable for me. I gave up in the first season because she made it painful to sit through the show.

Dexter’s sister Deb I don’t mind cursing but it seems she can’t say anything without saying F word