TV Shows You Once Loved But Now Think Are Awful

A completely original thought/thread with no inspiration whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:
For me it’s Saved By The Bell. I used to LOVE this show growing up, but I was watching it a couple years ago in the car and it was just horrible. The comedy was not funny, it was forced, immature and just bad. I have no idea how I liked this show growing up

Mork and Mindy, I remember laughing so hard at episodes when I was younger I was almost crying. I’ve tried watching the show on Netflix DVDs and it just doesn’t seem to be the same.

All in the Family, I"m afraid it’s just too dated now.

Different Strokes, my God, each episode just hammers the message right into your head.

Twin Peaks = Yes, I was one of the many rabid fans who thought this was the crowning pinnacle of television as an artistic medium when the first season aired. I loved it so much that I endured well into the second season, enduring through even such story lines as the “James Hurley in a low-rent film noir plot”, etc. Television was simply never going to produce anything even remotely close to the absolute brilliance of “Twin Peaks.”

I re-watched it a few years ago, and could barely make it through the end of the eight-episode first season. Ugh! Such a pretentious load of self-indulgent crapola!

The ‘best’ episodes (those directed by David Lynch himself) I will grant are a major step up in production values compared to other late 80s TV series, but the overblown ‘style’ is clearly used to distract from the fact that there is very little substance to the storyline. Why bother telling a coherent story when Lynch can just as easily parade a bunch of ridiculously cartoon characters around, or indulge in nonsensical surreality with no point to it at all?

The worst episodes indulge in the most pointless, ludicrous ‘artsy’ visuals - such as the episode that starts with an extreme close-up of the tiles in the hospital ceiling - Just weirdness for the sake of being weird, because it’s pandering to an audience that was sold on a show because of its’ weirdness.

I suppose hindsight is 20/20, but I can’t help recalling the debates I had with fellow TP afficionados about the ‘meaning’ of the symbolism, or what the ‘clues’ discovered this week meant. Gah, I really thought that Lynch really had some sort of game plan - that everything would eventually fit together like a neat little jigsaw puzzle in the end. On second viewing, it just seemed so painfully obvious that Lynch & co. were just making shit up as they went along.

And watching the likes of Sherilynn Fenn, Madchen Amick and James Marshall actually trying to act is just beyond painful. They’re all stunning looking, but once they open their mouths and speak…

And what the hell was supposed to be so sexy about Sherilynn Fenn tying a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue??? How would that trick ever translate over into a sex act? What guy’ d*** is that small???

Saved by the Bell I wouldn’t count just because I’m no longer in its demographic. Sure, it’s dumb but I doubt it’s any more or less dumb than the Disney channel fare these days marketed to tweens.

I tried re-watching the live action Tick a while back. It had moments but I didn’t make it past more than a few episodes.

Most of the early 80’s stuff I thought was awesome as a kid (Knight Rider, Manimal, Blue Thunder, etc) I’m smart enough to leave as pleasant distant memories.

Edit: I’m reminded that I tried re-watching Northern Exposure a year ago and didn’t finish the first season. Guess it doesn’t fit the OP as “awful” but the love definitely wasn’t there.

I think it’s an obvious one but Lost is the one I can’t bring myself to watch ever again.
I remember during it’s run thinking how brilliant it was and how once it was all over I would rewatch the whole thing to see all the oh-so-important puzzle pieces all fit together.
I just can’t do it. I felt so burned by it that if I’m channel surfing and there’s an episode playing I’ll watch 5 minutes just so I can remind myself “Oh, I remember that mysterious clue they wagged in front of me and made a big deal about. Pretty much it means nothing and the writers knew it meant nothing.”

There’s a lot of them that just don’t do it for me anymore.

The Monkees, Leave It To Beaver, The Addams Family, Star Trek (TOS), Season 1 of SNL.

This was a great show until it caught on. i always got the inpression that David Lynch never had any idea what to do with it after the first season, and when he was forced to create more episodes, the thing just spun into the ground.

MASH - this show has been mentioned in these types of threads forever, so I’ll get it out of the way now. This is one of the few shows that was great out of the box, and went into decline as it aged.

The first two years, with McLean Stevenson and Wayne Rogers are still great to watch. But after main characters started leaving, and marginal characters became main characters, it really started falling. The worst decision, though, was giving the pompous Alan Alda creative control. God, what a bad decision that was. This one move made the last 5-6 years fairly weak, and the last 3 years almost unwatchable. If you watch tem now, what you will notice first is how every line is literally shouted. I don’t know why this was the case, but I can’t watch them anymore at all.

making Radar a wimp, pulling people like Jamie Farr and William Christopher up into the main cast, and losing the characters Henry Blake, Trapper, Frank Burns, and to a lesser extent Radar made the show a shell of its early greatness.
Everybody Loves Raymond - i used to love watching this show on reruns, but now, i can only handle shows that don’t include the kids, (especially those two twin boys, who were awful). Also, Ray is the weak link in the cast, which makes it hard since the show revolves around him. He sounds so stupid, and because of that I could never buy him as a real or famous NY sportswriter. He was a dope. And there was no way in real life he would have bagged Debra.

Seinfeld - i am always amazed when I see the first two seasons how it ever survived. It really became one of the great sitcoms, but in retrospect, that show should have been cancelled. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

Magnum, PI. I loved this show in the day and even for about a decade after in syndication. But now, it looks dated and the supporting cast of Rick and TC are terrible.

Friends - I can’t stand any character on this show except for “Joey”. Having the perma-wimp Ross as the focal point always baffled me. It also baffled me how they could all affford their great apartments in NYC, but that’s a complaint you can have on
almost any show based in NYC.

Sex and the City - what a god-awful show. How this show ever lasted as long as it did still baffles me. The first season was very good. The rest of the series? One awful story-line adter another, all more unbelievable than the previous one. I could write paragraphs on the issues I had with this show.

My Favorite Martian. I originally thought it good and very funny, but now it looks like just another gimmick comedy of the time.

The Addams Family. I was a fan of Charles Addams before the show went on the air, and enjoyed it, but recently rewatched. Still very funny in small doses, but when you watch a bunch of episodes back to back, you realize how often the just repeated the same jokes (often with the same footage), and most of the show involved people visiting the house and doing double takes over everything. (Green Acres used the same jokes over and over, but they knew how to vary them and move on after a few episodes, with an occasional callback, so they’re still just as funny)

Hampshire - you wrote what I was thinking, almost word for word. I loved ‘Lost’ & now I hate the thought of it soooo much.

Every single show like Different Strokes had a child molester episode too. I think even Alf had one.

Police Squad! was never close to awful, but its six-episode lifespan prevented that.

Saved by the Bell is still cool just for the corniness. A show that doesn’t work is one like Wings, which just isn’t funny.

Why does Ross, the largest Friend, not simply eat the other five?

I enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond, but only enjoy Frank and Marie, and Robert and Amy. I agree Raymond is the weak link. He is SUCH a clueless, dumb dolt, I can’t imagine he’s a college educated sports writer dashing off columns for what I think is supposed to be The New York Post. (Of course, it IS a sports column, so…never mind.)

I can’t bring myself to watch any TV shows from back in the day. Gilligans Island. Beverly Hillbillies. I Dream of Jeannie. Even further back: Superman! Appallingly bad, all of them.

May we include cartoons?

I used to be an inveterate cartoon watcher when I was a kid in the 1970s, lots of syndicated cartoons around the middle 70s to watch (yay).
I remember liking Josie & The Pussycats among others…and thanks to the magic of YouTube I recently watched an old episode of Josie & The Pussycats In Outer Space - Ugh, it was absolutely horrible. If the Far-Out space nuts portrayed space travel better than your show does, you know you have a problem.

Actually I have sampled various episodes of 60s and 70s kids shows (whatever I can find on the web, which I don’t recall watching on 70s TV), and a lot of them just don’t hold up (bad plot, poor dialog, and super-cut-rate animation - actually, I haven’t watched any 1980s era cartoons, maybe they were just as bad).
The first few years of the Flintstones, however, many of those episodes kind of held up - the Jetson’s, OTOH…

1950s and 1960s action/detective/police shows are mostly just embarrassing to watch now.

Examples - The Untouchables and Mannix. Poor Joe Mannix, getting thumped on the head and knocked unconscious practically every episode, but always nabbing the bad guy (at that rate of concussions, he should barely have been able to dress himself).

Nah. SBTB isn’t still cool. It was when it was new and if you were the target audience. You can’t really ding a show like that, because it was a Saturday Morning for kids show. It was never going to age well. Kind of like how Screech hasnt aged well.

And was Wings EVER funny? That’s a show that never worked for me, snd ai never “got”. I know a lot of people liked it, though.
I thought of a couple more.

One Day At A Time - the idea that Bonnie Franklin was ever “Hot” mystifies me to this day. And the concept of the dirty old maintenance man Schneider, letting himself into the apartment constantly was a little more than creepy.

Alice - Other than “Mel”, there is not one likeable character. This show coined one of the all-time strange pop culture phrases “kiss my grits!” By Flo, the watress. Vera was so vacant-looking that even when the show was new i thought she was either high or had a double digit IQ. Even the kid that played Alice’s son was annoying. GaH! This show was bad!

I agree-I can’t watch it because now I KNOW it doesn’t go anywhere. When it was new, we all hoped it would all come together, so we stuck it out.

It’s because I was burned by Twin Peaks that I never bothered at all with Lost or any of the other “mystery arc” type shows. I won’t get fooled again (no no).

Lost In Space - Loved it as a kid, but beyond the first 4 episodes (and the original pilot) I can’t watch it, not even for laughs. Oh, the pain.

Family Ties. I loved it as a kid, watching it now is seriously painful. The Cosby Show, however, still holds up.