TV Shows you wish ill on....

So, An Arky, silenus – what do you watch once you’ve taken off all the shows currently running?

American Idol because it preempts House way too often. And I tend to dislike people singing other people’s songs, unless they can make it sound different and good or better.

CSI: Miami and NY. Without these spinoffs, I think CSI would have kept running stong (good episodes like seasons 1-4). If I remember correctly, some of the writing and staff from the original CSI left for the other shows, and the ideas are stretched so thin. I used to watch CSI religiously but I haven’t watched an episode all season, and last season I started not caring.

Crossing Jordan because I think it’s stupid but my roommate always watches it, and living in the same room (dorm) I have to watch it too.

Baseball!!! :smiley:

There are plenty of shows I dislike and avoid, but the only one upon which I wish flaming horrible painful death is American Idol. It is a blight on our culture and society.

I know it looks like I hate everything on TV, but I don’t. I didn’t list very many sitcoms. The big thing for me, besides “reality TV”/American Idol-type stuff, is that I dislike TV dramas. I don’t dislike drama as a whole, it’s just that most TV dramas bug me. I usually only get to watch TV after the kids go to bed, and it’s time for me to wind down and to go to bed, as well. TV dramas, especially stressful work-related dramas, are just the last thing I want to watch before going to sleep when I have to get up and go to work in the morning. I also don’t like cops and Drs. shows because they’re too stressful, as well. So that probably makes up a huge part of my list right there.

What do I like? I like comedies, as long it’s not too formulaic. I like documentaries and such, as well. Add in Music, Sports and News, and I have plenty of other things to watch besides those shove-it-down-your-throat shows.

Anything dealing with basketball. Games, shows, whatever. Aside from that, I may dislike shows, but I don’t wish ill on any of them. The viewing public deserves According to Jim, if it is actually going to watch it in such numbers.


It didn’t deserve a first run.

It doesn’t deserve syndication.

Duckster is now my worse enemy :mad:

People hate Arrested Development? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Its smart and funny and the most amazing sitcom to come along in years. In my opinion that is. I’m really burnt out on Family Guy and anything that comes on MTV or VH1

Has anyone caught a glimpse of Housewives of Orange County on Bravo? Gah. I’m afraid if that show was the victim of a shotgun blast to the head or chest, the backspatter of collagen and silicone would coat the state of Rhode Island. And Blow Out. Good god, those shows need to die, and everyone associated with them should be banned from ever THINKING about creating a TV show. Unto the 7th Generation.
Wife Swap, Supernanny, Nanny 911, et. al. are wretched. Especially the child shows. That should be REQUIRED viewing for anyone thinking about having children. The birthrate would plummet. Who thought it would be a good idea to inflict private dysfunction on the general public as an “educational” tool?
Most network TV is boring and derivative, but doesn’t need my ill will. I’d just rather flip to HBO or pick up a good book than watch “regular” TV.

The Apprentice. The almost total incompetence of the contestants amazes me. Trump should just pick 12 homeless people off the street. There’s no way they could do a worse job.

I liked Drawn Together’s take on “Supernanny”
[Foxxy]Oh Lord, here goes Capt. 'Tardo again, every time he hears about something else being Super, he goes a little bit nuts, like when he first heard of a Supermarket
[Capt. Hero]<heat ray-eyes fire off screen> You’re not so Super now! are you? (pan down to rubble of supermarket)
[Foxxy]…and Superglue
[Capt. Hero] <head in a construction helmet that was glued to a girder, feet waving around, the classic SuperGlue advert> Damn you SuperGlue!!
[Foxxy]…and that incident with the “soup or salad”
[Capt. Hero] SHOW YOURSELF, SUPERSALAD!<tosses table across the room>
[Waiter]Sir, i was asking if you wanted soup OR salad, i was giving you a choice between the…<Capt H. snaps the waiter’s neck>

as far as the other “nanny shows”, i’ve succesfully (until now) blocked their existence from my mind, due to my extreme loathing and hatred of screaming brats, the nanny shows are enough to make me want to take my 12-gauge to the TV…

thanks for reminding me of those stupid shows, i must go bleach my brain again…

I think this comes down to what shows you like versus what shows you hate–personal preference.

The only show I ever felt truly nauseous watching was that Swan thing, with all the plastic surgery and beauty makeovers, and that’s pretty much the only show I’d wish ill on. The rest, I just change the channel or switch off the TV.

That was my second choice - not because of the contestants, though. The first season of that show was mildly interesting, with a mildly interesting concept. Since it took off, though, they barely bother pretending there’s a contest going on. I stopped watching halfway through the second season, though I’ve caught bits and pieces since then. They’ve taken product placement and run with it to the point you can’t even really call it product placement. Nowadays, every episode is an hour long infomercial, and for some reason, we’re all supposed to pretend that it’s entertainment. Bleh. They’d have to pay ME to watch it.

see for me its like if those people want to have surgery thats so NOT my problem. I’m not the one with insane body image. They are. And I watch it with the same morbid curiosity I would about a documentary about a serial killer. If thats not your mindset, its just not your problem.

The hype it’s gotten probably has a lot to do with that. People who didn’t get into the show - and I’m not talking about myself, I’m absolutely nuts for it - must be turned off by hearing the chatter about how brilliant it is. I sure got tired of hearing similar things about Family Guy.

Many people like those channels and types of programming. No one will force you to watch it if you don’t want to.

Not yet . . .

I just wish they would get rid of American Idol so I wouldn’t have to hear about it on CNN every freaking morning.

The Daily 10, the latest gossip-fest on E! I watch E! News Daily now and then because they are relatively subdued and I do enjoy celebrity gossip. But The Daily 10 is a rehash of the same info in the hideous shout-at-you style like ET. With has-beens who are pretending to be hip or whatever the kdis call it these days.