TV Shows you wish ill on....

What current TV shows do you wish would get cancelled, shows that to you, have no redeeming traits and are a simple waste of broadcast time?

For me, the list is rather short, but i don’t watch much TV anyway, here’s my picks;

all reality shows, home shopping channels, and religious channels (oh, c’mon, you know this was a given)

to get more specific though…

Stargate; Atlantis, sorry, just can’t get into this one, even if it does have Space-Zombie…errr Wraiths, it’s just too mediocre, then again, i haven’t been following the Stargate storylines anyway

i was going to add SG-1 to the list, but since John Crichton and Aeryn sun…oops, make that Ben Browder and Claudia Black came on board, i’ve been giving it a chance, and it’s not too bad, Ben and Claud still have their chemistry and they play off each other well, no it’s not up to the standards of BSG or Farscape, heck, it’s not even Doctor Who, but it’s passable, however, if not for Ben and Claud, it’d go on the list

one show i want to die a screaming, painful death; the war at home, it’s just…not…funny…, it’s a sad, pathetic show “trying” to be hip and modern, and it just fails on all counts, i liked the show better when it was called “Married; With Children”

but, since it panders to the lowest common denominator, Fox is bound to run it forever

what shows do you pray to Og get cancelled?

That crappy show after SimpsonsThe War at Home, I think. Futurama got clobbered so Fox could run this crapfest?
(well, not really, Futurama got clobbered because Fox insisted on running it in a timeslot easily grabbed by overlong baseball games, but nevertheless)

I WAS going to say there are none - I just don’t watch show I don’t like.

Then Bryan proved me wrong. Oh, how I loathe that stupid show.

the main reason I didn’t capitalize “TWAH” in my OP was due to my distaste for that waste of broadcast time, it’s so stupid that it doesn’t deserve capitalization…

Huh, I hadn’t even noticed TWAH was mentioned in the OP because I was too eager to blast the show myself.

As such, I also can’t stand… hmmm, there really isn’t any show that irritates me as much as TWAH, simply because I don’t watch shows I dislike. TWAH just reminds me of its suckitude every time I set the VCR to record Fox’s Sunday lineup. I watch Simpsons, then fast forward, occasionally hitting “play” to see if I’m in Family Guy country. I sometimes instead get a two-second spasm-inducing onslaught of Michael Rappaport saying “Well, when I was a kid, my old man used to say…” that sends red-hot spears of agony into my eyes and ears, banished only by my blind tortured groping for the fast-forward button.

Deal…or No Deal?

It seems to be a variation of Joey Tribiani’s “Guess My Finger!”, which scares the living crap out of me. My kids love it, naturally. Howie Mandel tapdances all over my last nerve.

**American Idol


The Amazing Race

Extreme Makeover

The Apprentice

Fear Factor

The OC

Desperate Housewives

CSI: wherever

Deal or No Deal


Cold Case

Law & Order


The Unit


Grey’s Anatomy


America’s Next Top Model

Project Runway

The Tyra Banks Show

The West Wing

Without a Trace

Las Vegas

Trading Spouses

Wife Swap

Th King of Queens

…would be a good start.

Big Brother. There are few shows that make me feel physically sick. This is one of them.

Has it made it’s hideous and twisted way over to your still-verdant shores yet? If not, immediatly kill every network executive in the land, that you may be free of BB’s vile taint. If it has- well, suicide sounds the best option.

Lousy TV shows broadcasting exhibtionism and celebrating the degredation of the human spirit…

God, “The War at Home” is TERRIBLE. Completely unfunny with no redeeming qualities except for the thick, jiggling ass on that wife of Rappaport’s. Ba-dunk-a-DUNK!

The thing is, Michael Rappaport can be HILARIOUS, but this is just some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen in anything.

I beam waves of resentment at Ghost Whisperer because I wanted whatever show that CBS put in place of Joan of Arcadia to fail miserably. But it appears that Jennifer Love Hewitt and her sweater puppies have found their niche.

Those nanny shows. *Supernanny * and Nanny 911.

Sixty minutes each, packed wall-to-wall with screaming, wailing, whining, bawling BRATS and their brain-dead spineless parents that don’t know how to say “No, you need to go to bed now” or “No, you can’t hit your sister with a golf club.”

I think it was here in the states for a few seasons, but I think it’s gone now. But then, I also think it was a CBS show, and I have not watched anything on CBS for almost ten years.

Reality shows. One shot to the back of the head for the whole fucking genre.

Of the shows which a lot of people actually like, I’d say My name Is Earl (I watch it occasionally because it’s on before The Office, but I’ve never laughed at it once), South Park (I keep hearing about these “great” episodes like the Scientology one or the one where Chef leaves, then I watch them and find the jokes are just as obvious and lowest-common-denominator as I’d feared), all the CSI (just overall weak, and with annoying actors) and Law & Order franchises (the original was the only watchable one, but it’s lost its way), and American Dad and King of the Hill (neither of which is remotely close to The Simpsons back in its prime).

Of the stuff that’s pretty generally agreed to be shit, I’d pick Teachers, Two and a Half Men, and of course The War at Home. Oh, and any sitcom on ABC in the past 25 years.

Almost all of them. But The War at Home makes me foam at the mouth. The jokes I see in previews are painfully bad and small-minded, and they’re usually rehashes of something I saw somewhere else. There are maybe a dozen shows I don’t hate, and when I see ads for the rest I usually wish them some non-specific ill. The only sitcom mentioned thus far that I would save is My Name is Earl, which I watch occasionally.

American/Australian Idol, specifically the early episodes.

My family LOVES it, and religiously watch (or in some cases rewatch) every episode. The audition stages, where they seek out the worst possible singers/biggest assholes to make fun of, gives me migraines. When they narrow the field to people who can at least (mostly) sing in key, it’s not so bad. Then the next season starts…

South Park, which simply isn’t funny. I don’t understand why people like it so much.

And Big Brother, the very concept of which makes me extremely uncomfortable.

American Idol
Big Brother
The Amazing Race…
hell, just about any reality show except perhaps Survivor.
Besides that…
CSI: Miami.

An Arky, you are dead to me. Dead, you hear? :smiley:

Scrubs and Lost are great television, and Las Vegas has boobs. I’ll give you the rest of your list, however, and add Arrested Development, any day-time talk show (Oprah, Ellen, etc.), and all broadcast hockey and soccer games.

I know this will make me a heretic around here, but my number one choice is Lost. I watched the entire first season and the first couple of episodes of the second season. I will never, NEVER in my life understand why this piece of moronic stupidity is so popular. It is just dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, and dumb. The characters are the stupidest people ever to inhabit a TV show, and the writers are so clearly just making it up as they go along that I can’t get myself to care what happens.

I cannot stand hearing people talk about that pile of garbage like it’s the best show that ever hit TV, that it’s so creative and inventive and wonderful and talking about it like it’s real and seriously going on about what might happen if they don’t enter the code in time and AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I just want that show to DIE!

Explain, please.

See, I rather like The Amazing Race. I’ve seen Survivor once or twice, and it didn’t particularly appeal to me, but I don’t harbor any bad feelings for it. And from what I’ve seen, the primary difference between them is that TAR is a more objective competition (be the fastest, smartest, strongest, whatever) and Survivor involves deception and plotting against the other contestants. I’m curious why you’d hate the first and not the latter.