TV shows you hate

Inspired by this thread, I wanted to open it up to include shows other than The Office.

So what shows or kinds of shows do you hate, really dislike, or are even just annoyed by?

Personally I really don’t Love Raymond. I think The View is the most vacuous, vapid, ignorant show in the history of TV(and yes I’ve seen Regis and Kelly). The Gong Show was an infinitely better game show than Deal Or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?; might as well call them Let’s Try(and still fail) To Give Money to Idiots. At least people on The Gong Show knew they were there to be made fun of. And then there’s the “talent” shows. I really don’t give a shit if You Think You Can Dance. Dancing With the Stars: if I cared any less, I wouldn’t even know about it. I could go on for quite a while, but what about you?

…and yes, I’m fully aware that I don’t have to watch them if I don’t like them, so please don’t point that out.

American Idol
Lawrence Welk
Fox News
Religious programs
Infomercials and home shopping
Anything on ESPN except the games themselves

Anything on Speed TV that isn’t racing related. I miss Speedvision.

I think there’s some distinctions to be drawn here, between shows that are about a topic that is of zero interest to you (ESPN programming, frex), shows whose very purpose pisses you off (reality TV), and shows that you would like, if the writing/acting/plot/whatever didn’t suck ass. I think that last category is probably the most interesting one.

Anyway, I’m going to go with that shitty-ass show with Charlie Sheen and his TV brother living together in a house with the TV brother’s kid. Two and Half Men? I’ve seen a few episodes of it, usually because it came on after something else I was watching, and my god, that show sucks. Cliched jokes, boring storylines, and no likable characters in the entire thing.

I hate American Idol and America’s Top Model because they so often get shown instead of the shows that usually air in a particular timeslot. Most other annoying shows content themselves with a single timeslot, instead of oozing into the slots of other shows on their network.

I don’t hate Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s bland, but meh. I do loathe Doris Roberts, though. She’s a hateful harpy.

The first couple of seasons were pretty funny, if you like that kind of humor (jokes about sex and body functions). If TWOP can be considered evidence, even the longtime fans have hated the last couple of seasons.

I would like some of the doofus reality shows better – Most Shocking, World’s Dumbest Criminals, When Animals Attack, etc. – if they didn’t fill up so much time by repeating the clips over and over.

I’m with you. I watched about 2 minutes of Top Model last night and had to change the channel. The models were so painfully thin that I felt they were exploiting them as specimens of Anorexia Nervosa.

I have never liked Idol or Dancing With The Stars. Reminds me of the old show star Search with Ed McMan.

Reality TV just bores me.

I hate American Idol. It seems like the only people that watch it are people that don’t really even care about music. Bad covers by amateurs is not what makes good music.

Ax Men - Hey! Lets watch burly assholes destroy an ecosystem!
Two and a Half Men - I can’t believe The Big Bang Theory came from the same creator as this craptastic show.

I probably shouldn’t say I hate House, because I’ve never seen it. The reason I’ve never seen it? Because every ad I have ever seen for the show makes it look incredibly fucking stupid.

Two and a Half Men. I admit I’ve never seen a full episode, if that makes a difference, but the bits I’ve seen were awful. Terrible, obvious, cliched jokes.

Agreed. I would hate to watch a soccer match, but that’s because I don’t like soccer, not because of any problem with the production values.

For me a recent example is Gray’s Anatomy. I like “House” and “Scrubs” and for awhile I liked “ER,” so I have no problem with doctor shows. For awhile Gray’s Anatomy always seemed to be on at the gym when I was working out, so I watched a few episodes, and I found it appalling. The first episode I watched was so bad I thought “I must have caught the worst episode they ever made, it can’t really be this bad and still be on the air.” But the next episode was worse. It was like they were playing a joke on the viewers; “hey, let’s take every lame cliche in the history of doctor shows, put them all in one doctor show, and see how long we can run it before someone wises up!”

In the comedy category, I watched a full episode of How I Met Your Mother and didn’t laugh once. What a peice of shit.

Just about every current sitcom. That’s why I don’t watch any of them. I see bits of them every so often when my wife is flipping through the channels and it only confirms my opinion.
Law and Order, any iteration.

Crank Yankers. I work the night shift in a service industry. Prank calls got really old, really fast. And Jimmy Kimmel decides to devote an entire series to the worst part of my job.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
American Idol

Any “reality” show that is not Top Chef or Project Runway
Any cooking show featuring Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, Sandra Lee, Paula Deen, or her two closeted sons
Grey’s Anatomy
The King of Queens
Any Fox News show that doesn’t have Shepherd Smith or Bill O’Reilly

I’m sure I’ll think of more.

ETA: Oh, yeah, how could I forget Big Bang Theory?

Hmm. Didn’t know that. And I sure can believe it.

I had this same reaction, except it was two episodes. My dad and I watched them on DVD. Both of us had heard it was really funny and were looking forward to watching it.

I don’t think either of us cracked a smile the entire time. It wasn’t just bad, it was embarrassingly bad.

But I wouldn’t say I actually hate it. I’m more just…disappointed that it sucked so much. And baffled that so many people, whose tastes usually mesh with mine, enjoy it.

I can’t actually think of any shows I actually hate. Although I discovered last night that there’s a show about the models on Project Runway, and I have the feeling that if I watched that a couple more times, it could enter that category.

All shows on VH1, MTV, E! or anywhere else where a bunch of diseased whores fight and scream at each other for the attention of a washed up sleazy singer, rapper, D-list actor, or star of another crab-fest just like the one you’re watching.

Watching people work - Cops, ok, they have exciting jobs. Truck drivers, lumberjacks, cooks, fishermen, not so much. Why would I possibly be interested in this? It’s boring enough to be at work myself, but at least there I’m doing something.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader - Pisses me off in so many ways. The retarded prize structure where you literally NEVER make right decision going for the million because the odds are so heavily stacked against you. And if you don’t you have to say you’re dumber than a 5th grader, even though it was clearly the right decision. And you have to say it even though all the super smart 5th graders also gave the wrong answer. The way every contestant has to have a gimmick, even if they’re the most boring people. Will this ACCOUNTANT be able to COUNT one million dollars??? Stay tuned! The way they telegraph whether the contestants got the answer right or not and yet spend 10 minutes on the “reveal”. It’s always the same damn pattern. It really is the worst game-show ever made.