TV signal dropout with converter box

I just hooked up my converter box today; my setup goes:

Antenna → box → VCR with analog tuner → DVD recorder with digital tuner → TV with analog tuner.

Now in most situations this seems to work. But if I try watching (or recording) something on the DVD recorder while the converter box is turned on, the signal is very intermittent. For example, if I watch channel 7-1 through the DVD recorder when the converter box is off, it’s fine. But when I turn the box on, the signal through the DVD recorder is maybe 5 seconds of program, then 30 seconds of “No Signal”. :frowning:

Is this supposed to happen?

When the transition happens, will I just have to live with this situation or spring for a new VCR and TV?

Digital signals are very fussy. In a lot of places rain will kill them. It also depends on the box and antenna. RCA box is much more fussier than a Magnavox box, but I found RCA once locked on a signal holds the signal better.

You might want to ask at

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Have you tried cutting the VCR out of the loop? I can imagine sending the signal through the VCR could cause a small amount of signal degradation, perhaps enough to show the symptoms you describe. Worth a try at least.