TV stations should warn you that you're about to see surgery.

You know how it is. You’re up at 2:30 AM, suffering from a wicked bout of insomnia, and channel surfing – flip…flip…flip…flip…flip… All of the sudden,



There are plenty of shows I like on The Learning Channel and Discovery, the two worst offenders, so deleting them from my channel sequence is not an option. What I propose is that channels showing surgery display the following warning, or something like it, for a few seconds before the show itself comes up:

Is this too much to ask?

Did you ever see the episode of the C Section?

Man, that was not only gross but weird as hell! Just one more reason not to have kids. :wink:

but I like those surgury shows. Also as for the warning, I suppose if you had digital cable of some sort it could probly be done. I say “write you cable company”.

Cripes, don’t let my mom or sister see that one. As for me, no. I’ve never seen more than 0.0001 second of any given surgery show. ::shudder::

Gross and weird? Try being on the receiving end of the C-Section! A catheter in your bladder, a catheter in your back for the epidural, and an IV in each arm. You can feel the doctor doing something, but since you’re numb from the waist down, you don’t know what it is!

Well, yes, I think so. The solution is obvious… check the cable guide for listings at that hour to avoid what you don’t want to see. The bonus in doing so is that you can go directly to what you do want to see.

That defeats the purpose of channel surfing.

Oh and Kinsey, icky, icky, icky. I watched it and thought, this is not normal! Sorry you had to go through it.

I didn’t watch any other of those surgery shows though. I don’t have cable (haven’t since 1995) so I don’t have to worry about my channel surfing.

Oh, that’s okay. The “prize” you get afterwards is damn well worth it! :slight_smile:

{I won’t get into the story about how my incision “drained.” That was icky,icky, icky.}

The time is the late seventies and I’m doing my home work on the floor. I’m watch the youngst sister for my parents while they leave.

PBS is on and I’m concentrating on my home work. I here my sister start gaging and look up. There on the television is a brain surgery being done. The skin had been peeled down, and the skull opened up when I looked up. I turned the channel imediately and cussed out PBS. My sister had nightwares for weeks, because she watched the whole thing until then.

You think you are safe. I have done the channel surfing and eeewww there is surgery, close eyes and flip channel.

Here I lay in bed about a week ago…2 months pregnant…channel surfing. I was surfing and stopped on this show about having a baby. It was nice, talking to the doc and the parents to be. I thought it would be informative. After about 15 minutes of information, I was shocked - I saw a birth. Everything!!! EEEWwwww…I stepped out of the room and freaked to Tygr. I returned in time to see another child come into the world. Everything!!!

If I wasn’t freaked enough at the thought of labor, guess what?

I’ve seen some stuff like that on TLC. It grosses me out beyond belief, but sometimes I watch anyway, mezmerized. I just skip that station when I’m channel surfing, especially if I also happen to be drinking at the time. I have done spit takes at the TV before.

I remember when I was in the 4th grade or so…I had a few friends over, and my mother called us into the living room to see something. Phil Donahue was airing a facelift being performed. As we walked into the room and saw the TV, they had the skin separated from the face and you could see the doctor’s hand under the skin by the patient’s ears. Two of my friends basically said, “EEWWWWWW,” one instantly covered his hands with his ears, and I just kinda said, “That’s kida cool…but really freaky.”


About ten, maybe twelve years ago, on the cable system I subscribed to, one channel (Discovery, maybe?) turned into an all-surgery channel on Sunday. 36 channels. They had a schedule, but it wasn’t published – you had to send proof of your medical license to someplace to get the schedule mailed to you. There was no getting through the fact that you had to see some exposed beating heart or trail of intestines or peeled open eyeball when you made a pass through the channels. That was the worst, the eyeball surgery.

Typo … whoops. Don’t know how “36 channels” got into there … aybe I was thinking of the cable system’s capacity then, I dunno.