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ok… ages ago… back in the mid to early 80’s… there was an After-School special that stared Greatest American Hero actor (and Carrie) William Katt. He played a teacher who puts his students through a bizzarre experiment to show the evils of Hitler. I remember seeing it at school, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. IMDb has no listing under William Katt for it. I suspect becuz it wasn’t a real movie and/or show. Irreguardless… anyone who knows what it was and/or where I might be able to find a copy of it, would be greatly appreciated.

The Wave

I think that’s it! … but I could SWEAR it was William Katt who was the teacher… perhaps an After school special rip-off? … I’ll hafto find a copy of that movie somehow… no listing on Amazon for it… ok… so anyone who knows how to get a copy of it… would be greatly appreciated…

I think you would get your answer in ‘Cafe Society’
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Hmmm…I found a website with streaming video of the movie. It appears to be an anti-scientology website. I don’t want to post a link here, because there isn’t any information on how the video is part of the public domain. I’ll contact a mod and see if it’s OK to post a link.

OK - here’s the Mod approved version. If you go to the IMDB site for the movie, check out the message board thread about ‘where to buy’. You’ll get your info there.