TVMs: The Best, The Worst, Your Favorite(s)

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So many forgettable bad ones but a memorable bad one is Mazes and Monsters, starring Tom Hanks, came our during the moral panic over Dungeons and Dragons.

Does network TV make good movies anymore?

I’ve only chimed in to say how pissed i am at Burpo for stealing my thunder on one of the few subjects i have some expertise on.

I feel like the fifth person on Family Feud trying to guess the dregs of the subject.

Anyone mention:

“The Love War” or “Terror at 37,000 Feet” How about “Gargoyles”??

Neither are fucking “Trilogy of Terror”. Guess I’ll cheat and mention three films that may as well be TV movies, “Ssssssss”…“Bug” and “Damnation Alley”

^ Dale, whatcha waitin for? How many times have you seen the fifth contestant on The Feud pull the #1 (91 pts) answer out of his ass? Me, neither.

Gargoyles has been mentioned twice; The Horror at 37,000 Feet scared the living crap out of me at 12 YO* (up until cartoon-Shatner, that is. :D); Damnation Alley got this comment from me in another thread.

Carpe dregs!
*The Professor bought the farm! Nooooo!

Speaking of Andy Griffith…another TVM that spawned a good though short-lived series:


“Once upon a time, a junkman had a dream…”

Well, You don’t have to have a point to have a point, after all…

My Dad’s favorite TV show, at the time.

Satan’s Triangle - During the Bermuda triangle craze, we got this movie starring Kim Novak, Doug McClure and Alejandro (“The Flying Nun”) Rey about a sailboat abandoned in the You-know-where and strange goings-on when the rescue crew arrive. Extremely down-beat ending. Not even recommended for Novak completists.

“Black Noon” has a downbeat ending.

There’s “The People”, with Shatner.

OT-I just spent ten minutes looking for my book on 70’s TV movies…til I remembered its on Kindle.

There was a really dumb one about a ocean liner that sunk, and somehow it was rendered airtight and had society on board. The promos showed a diver approaching a porthole and being startled by a face appearing. I confess to being intrigued enough to watch this turkey.

Goliath Awaits, I do believe. Without looking at IMDB, I believe it starred Mark Harmon, Emma Samms, Christopher Lee and Frank “The Riddler” Gorshin. :smiley:

Just remembered Starsky and Hutch started as a TV movie.

Stockard Channing is a really ugly girl who everyone makes fun of. She’s in (IIRC) a car crash, and they reconstruct her face sos she’s beautiful. She then proceeds to murder all her old tormentors in various creative ways.

A vampire movie called I, Desire. No gore, sex, or bad language, but it was scary as hell.

And Barbara Stock was a magnificent vampire.

In 1993 HBO aired The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom.

There was another turd of about the same time where there was some kind of hypersonci airliner that messed up and entered orbit, complete with all sorts of hijinks about how to get it back down. I remember watching it because I was stuck in the house because I’d broken my ankle that weekend.

It was atrocious; you know a movie like that is bad when a 10 year old who was obsessed with NASA and spaceflight was groaning about it.

Found it:

I personally love The Five People You Meet in Heaven, with Jon Voight and Michael Imperioli. Based off of a Mitch Albom book, I believe.

Remember the magical gravity rope they strung up once the plane got stuck in orbit? All you had to do was hold on to the rope and you could walk on the floor.

I don’t remember liking this one very much:

Haunts of the Very Rich - a group of wealthies find themselves airplaned to a “Fantasy Island”-type tropical resort where, one-by-one, they figure out they’re all dead, and as the last person gets it, his harridan wife shows up and he realizes they’re all in Hell, to boot.

The Marcus-Nelson Murders was the TVM that begat “Kojak” (bang-bang!).

The Night Strangler - Kolchak again; not as good as the first, but still decent.