TV's new Fall Bombs - Predictions

Since I work evenings, i have to make a conscious effort to record shows I want to watch, so I havn’t caught much of the new stuff. The only two I have is Invastion and My Name is Earl.

Invasion is losing me.

My Name is Earl has quickly become a must see.

New series tagline :“Who you gonna call? Ghost busty!”

“Sex Lies and Secrets”? Already? That was what two episodes? I missed them both. I was looking forward to see places in Silver Lake that I recognize.

I haven’t watched Prison Break – probably because I’m in the midst of an Oz marathon via Netflix, and one prison show at a time is plenty.

I really like Earl, Supernatural and Chris and it’s not just because of the decent writing. The actors are charismatic and appealing. You could pick them out of a crowd. They don’t look or act like the characters in a dozen other shows.

Do you think the major networks will really cancel the other shows that aren’t doing so well? Do they have something to replace them?

Do you mean specific shows that I’ve mentioned? If so, it depends on the show.

Take “Threshold” for example. It doesn’t have stellar numbers compared with some other shows, but it’s doing okay for a Friday at 9 p.m. It’s coming in first in its time period, and I think it’s coming in 5th for the night in the 18-49 market that all the advertisers always seem to want, and two of the shows ahead of it are on the same network. So, does CBS keep it? My guess is yes–unless it’s incredibly expensive to make or they think they have something that will do better, and I doubt they think that.

Joan of Arcadia used to be in CBS’s Friday at 8 slot and it did okay in total households but pretty poorly in the 18-49 market, so they yanked it in favor of “Ghostbusty” to borrow from a brilliant person upthread. So far, curse them, I think that strategy is working.


She’s an independent–no party. That’s one reason why nobody trusts her.
She seems to have taken the job mainly to prevent Sutherland’s character–a real prick–from becoming president.

Unfortunately for both of us, GW has been picked up for a full season.

Other shows picked up for full seasons: Bones and War at Home (Fox), How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds (CBS).

Inconceivable is even closer to outright cancellation.

And it’s not a new show, but Simple Life has been canned by Fox.

According to this article, it’s already a fait accompli

Wow. I was seriously considering adding this to my list as well. Does television really need *another * forensic pathology show? :dubious:

Of the three “Alien Invasion” style shows, I have a real liking for “Surface” (okay, not an alien) over “Threshold” and “Invasion” - not that my liking ever makes a damn bit of difference. The guilty grins of the boys when the creature grabbed that dog was a priceless moment. I think that the boy’s story is the most likeable of the three plot threads (hence the strained comparisons to Spielberg), and the very brief glimpses of the creatures are effective. Well, we’ll see…

And I hate the boy and hope he dies in a horrible alien accident! Tastes are weird.

Only if the annoying “popular” girls die in an accident first. Or he ends up suicide bombing them all. Then I wouldn’t mind losing him.

“Hey, Sis, I got you a new jewerly box. Just wait till I leave the house before you open it”

But it’s not that kind of show.

Me too. The “Surface” critters are aliens, though. In the pilot episode, it’s suggested that they arrive on Earth from space. (The show is very much like Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes, if you’ll forgive my horse-flogging.)

I don’t remember ever seeing the networks simultaneously release three series that are so confusingly similar. Which ones have aliens that splash down in the sea? Have amphibious capability? Take over human bodies? Have government coverups? Have action in hurricane-affected areas?

More’s the pity. :smiley:

Looks like Threshold has some good news. CBS has requested more scripts.

Invasion seems to be having trouble holding on to the huge Lost lead in. I have no idea if ABC will think they can do better.

(Aside: Veronica Mars beat a show! Woo! )

Well, we’ve lost another one. The Night Stalker was cancelled this week. Not much of a surprise there.

::sigh:: My picks aren’t panning out for me so far.

From some TV promos I’ve seen this week, it would seem that there might be a bit of a schedule reorganization (on CBS and ABC, from what I can tell). Good, a lack of faith and self-confidence. All is not lost… :slight_smile:

Ouch. Perhaps for the Threshold Complete DVD Collection with Never Aired Scenes. Or for very expensive Beverly Hills wallpaper.

One member of the ThreshFaceVasion trio has been eliminated. As reported in another thread, Threshold has been cancelled.

Alias, too. Funny, I thought the ratings were higher, but that article is clear that they weren’t. I really liked it in its prime. I didn’t anticipate this at all this past summer, but it’s not much of a surprise after watching what has developed this season. I expect that “karate chopping expectant mom” will soon replace “jumping the shark” in our cultural lexicon…

I just hope that Lost doesn’t go the same way. I’m not holding out much hope.