TV's new Fall Bombs - Predictions

:confused: What Who song did it feature? :eek:

I actually got to preview this show, just the first episode. It was alright but I could see it getting really bad if they go in the wrong direction in further episodes.

Fiddle About, from Tommy.

Let’s just say the test audience of CSI: Cleveland were the lucky ones.

My god, woman, don’t give them ideas!

Inconceivable. I told my wife that looked it like a crappy comedy. She expressed doubt that it is a comedy. Maybe it’s just a joke. Either way, it looks like a bowel movement.

The Earl show looks promising.

For me the big news is that Veronica Mars is coming back despite finishing 184th in the ratings this year.

The only way “Inconcievable” ends up being any good is if it is actually a show about the Adventures of Fezzik, Vizzini, and Inigo Montoya ;).

But it has Alyson Hannigan! And Jason Segel from Freaks & Geeks. I really hope it’s good because I like both of these actors.

Honestly, I have no idea which of these will be worth watching. I’ll probably give How I Met… a chance, Reunion sounds interesting if they can pull it off, and Criminal Minds could be cool considering that it’s got Mandy Patinkin. Probably one of the alien/supernatural ones will be good. Anyone have any idea which ones to bother with?

Only this time, it’ll be up against Lost. It isn’t gonna be pretty.

My Secret Identity is being renewed? Yeeesss! :smiley:

“Now I’m a Farmer” (from Odds and Sods)?

Have anyone’s predictions come true? I think most of the shows mentioned are actually doing fairly well. Except for Veronica, of course, but we saw that coming.

Head Cases is the only show I know of to be cancelled so far. Don’t know about the rest, prolly too early to tell.

I think “Inconceivable” has been pulled, but not officially canceled.

“Sex, Lies, and Secrets” and “Just Legal” have been yanked, I guess.

“Prison Break,” “Earl,” “Supernatural,” and “Chris” have all be picked up for a full season.

In my OP, I picked Commander-In-Chief, E-Ring, and Ghost Whisperer. I’m stickin’ with 'em.

-CIC isn’t saying anything that isn’t already being said by The West Wing.

-GW is “Medium meets Touched by an Angel” (with extra treacle, please).

-And I mean it, Dennis Hopper will implode. You heard it here first.

I saw the premiere for Closer to Home the other night; I’m partly wishing that I had had the courage of my convictions to stay with that one.

OTOH, immdiately upon seeing the pilot to Prison Break, I regretted my prediction that it would bomb. Although right now my like for the show is that it was only sold as a filler until 24 begins in January. I don’t know how they can extend it to a full season, let alone a second season.

I’m sorry about this hijack, but OMG…Bart Simpson is a scientologist???

Don’t forget Chef

I think Threshold won’t last much longer, and Invasion might not cut it either. Surface seems to be the only one of the three that might hang in there for awhile.

How I Met Your Mother was kinda ok for the first two episodes, but the joke is wearing thin quickly and after the third episode, I am not sure I am up for a 4th. Same with Out Of Practice - some good actors in a crappy show, but the last episode had at least a few chuckles, so I will try another week or so.

Commander In Chief is surprisingly good so for - a personal family story, as well as some major political backstabbing - sort of West Wing meets Dynasty. Waiting for Gena Davis and Donald Sutherland to have a mud fight in the Rose Garden.

Prison Break is still keeping my attention, and if for no other reason than to see how this season ends - but also wonder how they intend to work a season two out of this, should it get picked up.

Ghost Whisperer - well, I like Medium better, but that isn’t saying much. Will continue a few more episodes of GW to see if the stories get any better, but have little hope.

Bright spots are some of the returning shows - Boston Legal, Alias, Desperate Housewives, Lost - but not many of the new shows have been all that great this year.

Based on ratings, I’d think Surface is in the most danger. Invasion is doing the best (not surprising, considering the slot).

The ones that bug me: Chris and Danny Masterson (sorta young for a cult), Corin Nemec (a Stargate-SG1 guy?), Edgar Winter, Greta Van Susteren, Judy Norton (Mary Ellen Walton), Juliette Lewis (nice pit-hair).