TV's new Fall Bombs - Predictions


I don’t think Matthew Modine swings that way. :smiley:

I seriously doubt that this so-called “ABC’s NFL Monday Night Football” will have any real staying power.

I am not ashamed to say I want GHOST WHISPERER to flop REALLY big only as proof that Joan’s God is indeed a Vengeful and Just Deity.

What CBS? No new CSI’s? Did you run out of Who songs? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know that it looks any sillier than most years.

There seem to be a shit-ton of new ensemble dramas where lots of weird, unexplained stuff happens. On the one hand, it’s unlikely any of them will rise to the level of Lost; on the other, maybe one of them will.

I can’t believe NBC is just planning to just stick Scrubs in somewhere. I’ll grant that it may not have more than a year or two left in it before it gets played out, but it’s the best comedy they have by a longshot. Yet they treat it like it’s filler. The least that it deserves is a consistent time slot.

CSI: Cleveland was supposed to have “Mama’s Got a Squeezebox”, but all those who have seen the pilot went mad and ate their own faces.

The good news at least is that the guy who created it said in an interview said that it pulls down good enough ratings that it’ll never be cancelled outright, and he has enough experience with the TV game that he’s probably right. Now if only he had a more memorable name!

I predict it will only last one season on ABC, and then force a move to NBC. NBC will then switch it Sunday nights, replace half of the cast and go onto a long run.

Kind of like the times it lost JAG and Baywatch…

I’ve seen pilot screeners for Everybody Hates Chris, Prison Break and Supernatural .

Of them Supernatural is the only one that I really enjoyed, and even that wasn’t anything earth-shattering.

Mostly, I’m excited about returning shows. Less than two weeks 'til new Battlestar!


I’m not good at predicting (see my current Death Pool standings), but I don’t see much hope for Everybody Hates Chris surviving past December.

Personally, I haven’t felt much enthusiasm for television since Star Trek and MST3K went down.

Holy crap, I’d forgotten! WOO!!!

I’m having a vision with Drew Carey in it here - it’s not clear, but he’s in it somewhere.

Bill Lawrence is the creator of Scrubs.

It just wouldn’t be Fox without a canceled, but brilliant show, so I predict either American Dad, or Mad Tv will increase in quality, then get canceled two weeks later.

No, no Scott, its going to be Arrested Development. It’ll go out strong though and fans will threaten to storm Rupert’s office unless all the episodes are shown.

No, no, no. The Fox philosophy is to cancel a show just as it is getting good. To cancel a show after it has risked cancellation, and has been good for a long time misses the whole point! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already heard CiC referred to derisively as The Breast Wing. That and the fact that everything Geena Davis has been associated with in the last decade has been unilaterally unbearable, and even a promising supporting cast does not bode well.

Prison Break. Yeah, how did I miss that? With Dominic Purcell from John Doe, another production doomed to extinction…

OK, here’s my picks for next season:

She’s the Fuhrer
Geena Davis as Eva Braun, who takes over the Third Reich after Hitler dies in an amusing Blitz accident.

The ghost of a murder victim solves murders.

CSI East Bumfuck, Kansas
Crack team of crime-solvers sits around and waits for one of the town’s five residents to start murdering someone.