The New TV Season -- what looks gawdawful?

As in, “please, og, cancel it quickly so I don’t have to see another promo.”

My nomination: Ghost Whisperer, with the scary Jennifer Love Hewitt (with a chin so pointy she could slice bologna with it) starring as a young married woman who helps the recently deceased resolve their final issues so they can “pass over.” Medium ripoff? No way! They had already sold the pilot when Medium premiered. :dubious:

What’s your nominee for the show they’d have to sedate you and handcuff you to the radiator to get you to watch it?

I have a very bad feeling about Head Cases.

“An odd-couple drama in which he [Adam Goldberg] plays Shultz, a jittery, rage-prone lawyer paired with Chris O’Donnell as his partner.”

Do I want to see a jittery, rage-prone lawyer? Not much. Do I want to see Chris O’Donnell? Even less.

I’m watching The War at Home right now.

I liked this show a lot better when it was Married…with children.

And I didn’t like that show very much. Here’s hoping this one dies quickly.

I hope that CBS suffers a black hole at 8 p.m. on Fridays for years to come as punishment for getting rid of Joan of Arcadia.

Turned off “The War at Home” in less than 5 minutes. Awful, awful show.

If it got 1000% better, THEN it would be awful.

I sat through the whole thing because I didn’t want to risk missing Family Guy.

I’ll take the chance next week.

Invasion looks terrible.
Surface looks like crap.
Ghost Whisperer looks just silly bad.

None of the new comedies looks good at all.

I only listened to it and I wanted to do fatal harm to either my television or myself. I know it should be an easy choice, but the pain made it hard to think.

I liked it better when it was Unhappily Ever After. How dare people speak of this show and Arrested Development in the same breath! How dare this show usurp AD’s rightful time slot (when is AD on anyway?).

Remember that stupid short-lived show on NBC? It was an animated parody of Siegfried and Roy’s Vegas show. Anyway [adult swim] ripped them a new one in one of their bumps. I only vaguely remember it, but a part of it was “rehashed 1950s sitcom without the edge” or something to that effect. That rant was running though my head as I watched.

I don’t plan to watch Geena Davis’s show, despite the presence of Donald Sutherland. From the previews, it looks like one of those shows where nobody talks like real people. Instead of dialogue, we get pronouncements and little speeches.

IIRC, Monday nights at 8:00 starting the 19th. May want to check on the 12th anyways just to be sure.

My daughters have seen the previews for this show where Davis’ screen daughters complain that since Mommy became President she never has time for them.

My girls got identical WTF looks on their faces. “If she had been elected Vice President, she must have been working harder than any male politician for years. Those kids would be used to Mommy being too busy for them. The nanny probably brought them to all their ballet lessons anyway.”

Thay also pointed out that you never see a father being portrayed as unfeeling because he dedicates himself to his job (especially a job as time consuming as being the freaking President of the United States!)

It’s unfortunate that Geena Davis is from the “one character only” school of acting.

I wouldn’t look forward to a second season.

The first episode of Reunion WAS gadawful. I couldn’t even make it all the way through. Too bad, too. It could have been a mildly interesting gimmick, even if they did rip it off from 24.

I’ve seen the pilot, and it’s much better than I expected it to be. (My expectations were very low, however.) The acting is a little uneven, but overall it’s genuinely creepy. I think I’ll give it a shot.

I saw a little bit of The War at Home while waiting for Family Guy. “Turn up the laugh track to 200% – maybe they won’t notice it’s a pile of ass if they can’t actually hear how bad the jokes are.” Even with the mute on and Fox in a PIP window, I felt like it was damaging my brain.

Nobody’s mentioned E-Ring yet? Hoo boy. What a stinker. Lots of neat shots of spy satellites swinging around to various locations, but the characters are dismally cliched and (as far as the pilot is concerned, anyway) the writing is pathetic and the scenarios are insulting.

I turned on the show just long enough to see them considering the fact that the son might be gay. I didn’t care enough to watch, but I do care enough to ask for people to tell me what happened next.

‘War At Home’ is as terrible as the promos made it look to be, which I wasn’t sure was possible.

Scott Plaid, the kid turned out to be straight, but had to convince his parents he was a transvestite to cover up illicitly borrowing the family car (dressed as his Mom in case anybody saw him taking it).

I also have to give **The War at Home ** my vote. What a pile of suck that was! Even so, I laughed once…which was once more than I did while watching The Simpsons. Wait! I change my vote to The Simpsons for most godawful show of the new season.

Ugh. I noticed that, too. And it’s like they hit the laugh track button at random intervals, because I could never figure out what was supposed to be funny.

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