TWA Flight 800

Hello everyone, I have recently been researching conspiracy theories, and I came across TWA Flight 800. From looking at numerous websites and gathering facts, it seems to me that the Government did indeed have something to do with it. Does anyone have any hard evidence about this theory? And does anyone have any thoughts on flight 93? I heard from a credible source in the Marine Corp that flight 93 was indeed shot down by a Jet Fighter. The most factual piece of evidence is that the tail of the plane was found a mile away from the scene of the crash. If the plane crashed on its own, why would the tail be missing? Myabe another government cover up? If you guys could help that would be great!!!

Here we go again. :rolleyes:

Although, I gotta ask, why would the government want to take down TWA 800? At least the 9/11 conspiracies have a reason for wanting the government to be behind it.

Also, if you search the board for 9/11 conspiracies, you will get a plethora of info that thoroughly debunks the theories.

One reason the tail might be separated, is that the aircraft broke up in flight due to structural failure from being over-stressed. This is common enough in aircraft accident history.

Bits of aeroplane several miles from each other doesn’t mean it was shot down.

By the way, a mile is not very far. If it was shot down you’d expect the wreckage to be more widespread than that. You could say that the fact the tail was only a mile away indicates that it was not shot down.

I doubt any of the websites are as exhaustive or have as much expertise or access to the evidence as this one:

The NTSB explored the missle theory and found that it was not supported by the evidence.

But the NTSB is part of the Government, man! They’re in on it. They’re all in on it!

The book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Corpses (at least I think that’s the title) has a chapter on TWA 800. It’s a fascinating book. Conclusion: TWA 800 was NOT shot down.


If you want some ammo to support the TWA800 conspiracy theory, or if you want to make fun of conspiracy theorists and want an enjoyable book to read try Night Fall.

When you say “crashed on it’s own”, do you mean crashed because it was being flown by aeronautically incompetant jihadists with little flight experience that had no regard for the care of the aircraft, who’s only intent was the complete distruction of the vehicle as well as the death of everyone on board and who were likely putting the platform through extreme stresses well beyond what it was designed for as they struggled for control of the craft with a number of panicked, equally determined passengers?

Is that what you mean by “on it’s own”?

Seems like a fair example, what’s your point? The plane crashed on its own because all the factors which caused the crash were internal to the aircraft- brave jihadists willing to die, heroic passengers also willing to die - as opposed to something external like, oh I don’t know, a big phallic missile.


I know that this topic (two topics if we’re throwing Flight 93 into the mix) has been done to death, many times - if someone wants to do the searches they’ll be able to dig up a number of threads on this stuff.

That said, if you have been gathering facts that TWA 800 was something other than a tragic accident, then please present those facts - that’d be the “hard evidence” that you are looking for, wouldn’t it?

Ditto on flight 93. A Marine saying that 93 was shot down is not evidence that that’s what happened.

Zhongguorenmin, I think the point of lieu’s message is that if you dive a commercial airliner into the ground from a great height while exceeding the VNE (that’s the speed beyond which the plane is NOT DESIGNED to operate safely) and maneuvering erratically as people onboard are fighting for control, it is not at all surprising that the plane would be shedding pieces on the way down, well before it impacts the ground. As opposed to, say, the pilots having joint heart attacks and the plane somehow nosing over and diving smoothly into the ground at 400mph.

What Valgard said. My own words might have alluded to the fact “on it’s own” suggest a failure operating within the design envelope. What we know of the circumstances surrounding the final machinations of Flight 93 was very likely well beyond any semblance of normal or even tolerable operation.

The tail of flight 93 was not found a mile away. The tail of flight 93 was found in the crater with the rest of the airplane. Where did you hear otherwise?

The only significant part of flight 93 found away from the impact crater was part of one engine, which was found a few hundred yards away in the direction the airplane was traveling when it crashed. It appears to have bounced/rolled across the ground after the impact. No debris whatsoever was found on the ground along the path the airplane flew before crashing - all the pieces outside the crater were either past the crater in the direction the plane had been moving, or lightweight scraps blown downwind. The data from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder also suggest that the airplane was completely intact up to the point of impact with the ground. As with TWA Flight 800 , there is no evidence whatsoever that flight 93 was hit by a missile.

To be fair, TWA, 800, and 911 are all impossible-to-search terms here.

I was JUST going to say this!!

That book was somethin’ else, wasn’t it?

If you are inclined to be moved by conspiracy theories, there is usually no hope that you will be persuaded otherwise regardless of research, here or elsewhere.

Whatever it is that inclines us to gullibility operates at a level of faith unmoved by the obvious. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a belief in the religious supernatural, aliens, government coverups or secret societies running the world.

Do whatever you feel is due diligence. In the end what is ludicrously clear to most others will still be shrouded in suspicion for you, and you will feel that there is some secret inside special insight that the ignorant masses just cannot see. You are always going to feel like there is “more to it” than meets the eye–what seems to be an ordinary explanation is not the real truth.

This is part of your intrinsic makeup. Just relax and enjoy it. It’s who you are. It is such a powerful personality trait I am inclined to think it is genetic. I do not think you will be able to get past it by looking for more facts.

Absolutely. The wreckage of the Lockerbie bombing was “along an 81 mile corridor over an area of 845 square miles.”

And yet, they were able to find a tiny piece of circuit board and a fragment of T-shirt - and used them to “convict” a man!


That’s a perfect ‘damned if you do’ situation, isn’t it? Would have been just as much fuel for the conspiracists if they hadn’t found the bomb.

“Brave” jihadists? This was one of the most cowardly acts imagineable!
“Heroic Passengers?” The were NOT willing to die and fought dearly for their lives.

This is an obscene insult. There’s nothing “brave” about antipathy to the value of human life, including one’s own. And there’s nothing “brave” about the willingness to die for irrational ends.