Tween-suitable steam punk

So my 12 year old is beginning to commit to the steam punk thing. She’s dug Girl Genius and dime other such stuff and wants more.

Can anyone recommend some 12 year old girl suitable stuff in the field?

Leviathan is what you’re looking for! It is really good, and the first in a trilogy. I haven’t read the other two, but the first one is really great.

I would recommend the Leviathan Series by Scott Westerfeld. It’s three books set in an alternate World War I where the Central powers use Steam Punk Walkers and the Allies use genetically engineered animals. They are young adult books so they are perfect for her age group but they are entertaining for adults as well in case you were also interested.

ETA: wow exact same time :slight_smile: For what it’s worth I have read all three and can vouch for them.

You may want to check out “The Girl in the Steel Corset” and other Finlay Jayne books by Kady Cross.

Yep, another vote for the Leviathan trilogy. I finished the third a few days ago and enjoyed them all.

Also, Boneshaker was pretty good. I found the first sequel a little boring and stopped reading, but I think there are a bunch of books in the CLockwork Century series now. I know that they’re not specifically YA books, but I don’t recall anything too sexy in Boneshaker… maybe some violence, though.

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Thanks for the reccos, people. She’ll get a kick out of them. And I’m trying HARD to generate a fangirl, here.

China Mieville’s latest, Railsea, isn’t precisely steampunk, but it borrows heavily from the genre. The schtick is a world consisting mostly of flat earth crisscrossed by millions of rail lines and inhabited by deadly giant burrowing creatures; civilization occurs on the “islands” of rock scattered throughout the railsea, and a motley assortment of vehicles traverse the railsea. If she can deal with Mieville’s obsessions–technology, monsters, wordplay, and communism, not necessarily in that order–it’s a great read.

Philip Reeve’s Larklight trilogy is in that ballpark. Much more in line with the lighter Girl Genius vibe than some other steampunk stuff, IMO. Such as Reeve’s other steampunk-ish series, the Mortal Engines/Hungry City series.

Also, not always quite steampunk, but again in the ballpark, I highly reccomend Stewart&Riddel’s stuff, especially the Edge Chronicles. The Barnaby Grimes books are more steampunky, I think.

One common theme in those is the illustrations.