Twilight Zone trivia test

Feel free to add your own…I’ll start with this…

What is the only episode aired on the series not specifically made for the series.

Hint…It wasn’t even made in the US.

Was it that one Incident at Owl Creek Bridge or something like that?

Give the man/woman a cigar! Well done!

“An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge”

It was made in France. Won an award at the Cannes film festival.

Any more?

Where were the Aliens from in the episode called “The Invaders”?


United States.

Okay, ask away.

William Shatner appeared in several episodes. What was his first one?

“Nick of Time” - He and his wife become obsessed with a fortune telling machine.

That one with the fortune telling devil machine. Hmm, what was it called?

Stopover in a Small Town was it?
Also, methinks we should have a couple questions per post. Heh. Just to fill it up some.

This episode, with Jack Klugman, contained, arguably, the first mention of the conflict in Vietnam on a television show.

DO’H. That one. I didn’t know the name. Heh.

In Praise Of Pip.

Who claimed he was forced to read condiment bottles?

  1. This future movie icon co-starred in an episode with a non-speaking Samantha Stevens from Bewitched.

  2. Samantha’s TV mother-in-law also handled a whole episode without uttering a line – who was she?

  3. Name two silent film legends who starred in TZ episodes.

  4. And finally, name the two episodes that did not involve any supernatural phenomena (hint – one of them involved [keeping with the theme], silence).

(All this is off the top of my head – apologies if I’ve flubbed details).

Baker – IIRC, it was called, “In Praise of Pip”, and it rated a ruling from the CBS lawyers on whether it touched on classified information. On preview, dammit Johnny!


Time Enough at Last

Who was the old man in the cave?

  1. Samantha’s TV mother-in-law also handled a whole episode without uttering a line – who was she?

Agnes Morehead.

The Invaders.

Wasn’t her MIL…it was her mother.

Yes, her mother – my bad.

The old man in the cave was a computer.