Twin Peaks: Episode 11 (Open Spoilers)

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Which is why I said over 25 years.

Yeah I saw that after posting.

There’s a theory going around that some kind of disease is coming to the town. First there was the girl with the armpit rash, then the sick girl in the car…

I think people are giving Shelly too hard of a time, too. So Bobby is all wonderful because he cleaned up his act and is a cop now. Well, he’s a corrupt cop because he’s giving preferential treatment to his daughter. She should have been arrested at the very least and possibly charged with something. Also, people condemning Shelly for always falling for the bad boys and, at the same time, praising Bobby for his turn-around. Bobby was a bad boy back in the day. And picking on her because she’s still “just a waitress in a diner.” What’s wrong with putting in an honest day’s work for 25 years at the same place doing a job you love? The family discussion had reached an end when she went out for less than a minute to see Red. I’m sure if she knew about Red she wouldn’t be hanging out with him. What do we know about Red, anyway? For all we know he’s an undercover agent with a bad liver who learned some magic tricks along the way. Probably not, but we don’t know. I do think she’s enabling Becky but I’m getting tired of all the shots of disapproving looks from Norma. The way she’s watching everything is a little creepy. Go back to your booth, Norma.

I like the Dougie storyline. I was sure I’d hate Belushi being in this and I don’t love him but he’s not grating on me like I expected him to. If the show ends with Dougie and Janey-E living happily ever after I think I’m ok with that.

I’m not really on the two timelines bandwagon but since around when episode 8 aired I’ve been feeling like episode 1 is out of place and actually happens somewhere near the end of the story instead of the beginning. Maybe episode 2, too. So, not parallel time lines but I feel like some things are being shown to us out of order.

Some symbolism pointed out on another forum is that during the drive through Vegas to meet the Mitchums, Dougie’s limo passes by a building having a poster with a golden O and a poster of Audrey Hepburn next to it. And The Excalibur.

Pre-production disagreements between Lynch & Showtime were about budget. I’m sure if the money had been there he’d have re-created all the sets perfectly.

I haven’t seen Gersten in anything since the original show so I didn’t spot her.

Oh, and another thing that bugs me about Bobby: Back in the original, after Leo beat Shelly with the soap-in-a-sock, Bobby comforts her and says something like, “If he EVER does this again, I’m going to [do something back to Leo].” And now with Becky, “If Steven EVER touches you like that…” It always annoyed me that Bobby was willing to wait for Leo to attack Shelly again rather than do something for what he’d already done. And now he’s willing to wait until Steven beats up his daughter instead of doing something to prevent it. I like Bobby for the most part but he’s not that great of a guy.

Oh yeah, Bobby also said he could have busted Steven for some things but didn’t because of Becky.

And Gordon’s tremors.

The tremors were happening 25 years ago though. Cooper had a tremor and I know he wasn’t the only one but can’t remember who else. And Gordon Cole hasn’t been to Twin Peaks lately.

Who was picking on Shelly for working in a diner? I mentioned it when pointing out that $500 was probably difficult for that family to come by. It wasn’t a criticism.

Agreed. If there is some disease I doubt that the tremors are related.

It wasn’t so much what you said but, like **aldiboronti **said, some posters on other forums are really trashing her. I totally agree that $500 wouldn’t be chump change for this family and was going to post that myself if you hadn’t said it already.

I should start reading other sources–no doubt someone else has already theorized this, but: I’m guessing that the ‘disease’ is actually radiation sickness. Vomiting and radiation burns that become easily infected are among the common symptoms. And of course this comes from the obvious interest Frost-and-Lynch took in the nuclear testing as shown in the infamous Episode Nine.

Again, guessing, but: I see this as not a plague that will overtake the town, but rather as a semi-metaphorical sign-pointing (by Frost and Lynch) that particular characters are corrupt or evil. The armpit rash girl certainly seemed a bit ethically challenged, and the girl in the car with the unpleasant woman may be said to be sharing in the unpleasant woman’s unpleasantness. And both of them may have been “infected” by whatever is going on in the gun-SUV—that kid looked very “Bad Seed,” and his father looked a bit off, too.

(Just my guesses, of course.)

Radiation sickness is an interesting theory but, if I’m not mistaken, the kind of neurological symptoms shown by the girl in the car would require a very large and very recent dose.

I say recent because a dose large enough to directly damage the nervous system would be fatal soon afterwards. Plus, I doubt that she would have been taken on a road trip if she was that sick when they left.

Then again, It’s probably a mistake to try to apply science and reality to Twin Peaks.

Yeah, I agree (about trying to apply science and reality). My take on this is that the people who get sick are either ‘evil’ or have come into contact with evil, and the sickness is more symbolic than clinical (though of course they might well die anyway).

But of course I could be completely wrong, and it could be something to do with alien spores or such. Or, hey–maybe radioactive alien spores! ^_~

Or frogbug thingies!

I was watching 10 & 11 again last night and I have to say, Eamon Farren is doing a superb job of portraying Richard Horne. If that kid doesn’t strike fear into your heart there’s something wrong with you. It’s seriously scary the way he just erupts into violence. I hope he gets some recognition for it.

I was also thinking about how many people are disturbed by all the violence against women in the show and that what it’s really trying to do is not show women as victims, as much as show how violent some men are. Sometimes women (Becky), but mostly men. I remember a line from The Fall where, I’m not sure if she was quoting someone else or if it was her own thought, Stella says, “Men are afraid women are going to laugh at them. Women are afraid men are going to kill them.”