Twin Peaks: Episode 11 (Open Spoilers)

Lots going on.

Miriam’s alive.

Becky may finally be leaving Steven. Good for her.

And Bobby is her father, something I suspected.

The credits show Shelly as Shelly Briggs so apparently he and Shelly were married and are now separated or divorced.

What a fuster cluck outside the diner!

Gordon nearly entered the other place. What is up with the “bearded men”? To me they’re obviously related to the “got a light?” Guy. Why did they kill hastings? Probably because of the things he’s seen.

And the casino brothers love Dougie now! Maybe they’ll have his back and protect him.

What are Hawk and Truman going to find?

I have a suspicion that Candy, the Pink Lady the casino brothers keep yelling at, went through the same interdimensional portal as Cooper/Dougie did, and that’s why she’s so vacant. At least, her behavior is an awful lot like “Dougie’s”, and everybody treats her with the same kind of oblivious disregard of her obliviousness.

Despite being a straight-and-narrow lawman, Bobby is still rocking a leather jacket. Some things never change.

But Shelley – my sympathy for you just completely went out the window when you abruptly walked out of the very serious family meeting to suck face with your new “Leo 2.0.” (Does this guy have a name yet?)

Offhand, I’d say the first half of this episode was the most like “classic” TP yet.

I noticed in the credits that Alicia Witt was credited for playing Gersten Hayward – Donna’s sister. I had seen her name in lists of returning characters before, but didn’t realize she’d shown up already. (Unless I’m mistaken, the episode-ending credits list all the people who’ve appeared in the show up until the current episode, meaning Gersten must have already appeared.) Where was she?

I’m getting fearful that maybe, just maybe Dougie will NEVER return to being Coop. Despite all the moments where ‘Dougie’ almost remembers his true past, it would be just like Lynch to have Hawke, Truman, and Bobby, or Gordon, Al, and Tammy solve the mystery while our hero Cooper just remains in Vegas, completely disconnected and oblivious to all the goings-on in TP or South Dakota, and completely inert throughout the rest of the series and just have it end with him living in his semi-retarded state forever.

Interesting observation about Candy. For some reason that possibility never crossed my mind. I’ve been thinking that she’s autustic or something, or is pissed at the brothers for some reason and therefore gives them a hard time. They seem to feel a sense of obligation towards her: “If we fire her she has no place to go”.

I agree about Shelly. It seems like Bobby has really matured and got his shit together, at least as compared to Shelly.

But what’s going on with Bobby freezing up out in the street? He pretty quickly got the situation under control and took the gun but then seemed to freeze up until the other officer arrived.

He did the same thing again when the passenger in that other car had a seizure. Instead of immediately calling for an ambulance he just froze up and stared.

I thought Candy just had some good drugs, but the “coming back from the lodge like Dougie/Coop” theory makes sense, too, especially now that she’s not just a one-off character, but recurring.

I don’t know if it counts as a spoiler, but I read the president of Showtime said this season was about “Dale Cooper’s journey home”, so I don’t think he’ll stay Dougie forever. It sure is frustrating seeing him eat all that pie and coffee and not say “damn fine coffee” or “that pie’s so good it’s a crime”.

I imagined he made some progress at first, but I think he’s just stuck until Evil Coop gets back to the lodge. Which begs the question, why did they let him out of the lodge in the first place? After 25 years, what’s a few more weeks? Answering my own question, though, savant Dougie probably has an important role to play in getting doppelganger Coop back where he belongs. Kind of hard to see how, though, from halfway across the country.

That woman in the car screaming was awesome. “What are you doing???”

She represents all of us watching at this point. I love it, but we have to get moving!!!

I read on another forum (that was made after IMDB message boards were shut down),

That the testing of the atom bombs in the US opened up another dimension which is the Black lodge. Although the readers here may have already figured that out from the episode this season. That’s a clever idea using real historical US events as the reason for the existence of the Black Lodge/White Lodge or at least the existence of a way to access it, if it already was there before the atom bombs were tested.

I’ve been watching very closely and you can spot Alicia Witt from a mile away, she’s very distinctive looking (and attractive). I believe she has only appeared for one second in this current episode in the stairwell.

Is Diane’s near constant smoking somehow related to the “got a light” guy?

If I recall correctly Gordon didn’t have any brushes with the paranormal until after he had a couple puffs of her cigarette. Since then he’s had a vision of Laura, and was nearly transported into a room which he was able to see into.

I thought it was just a symbol of how things have changed since 1990, but your theory is plausible too. I still don’t know if she’s in cahoots with evil Cooper or not.

I think Candy may be playing a more major part in the whole story. When she gave Dougie Cooper a second piece of pie, she bent down to him in a manner very similar to how Laura Palmer approached Cooper on the couch in the Black Lodge. And why do the casino boys have three girls? The only one they have any interaction with is Candy. Maybe Candy is channeling Laura?

The scene where the diner gets shot up was pretty surreal. But why didn’t the honking lady simply pull around? Looked like there was plenty of room and this isn’t exactly Times Square.

Seriously, how much damage did Becky do? A new door and some interior patching and painting and they’ll be just fine. $500 tops. I speak from experience, my own house was shot by accident earlier this year.

The Tammy-Diane situation is interesting. It seems to me they want you to believe that Diane is working with evil Cooper, I think she’s either working the same case alone or she’s working for another agency. It’s Tammy that I wonder about. When told to cover Albert and Gordon, she seemed pretty disinterested. Still, gotta love that she’s always in skirt and heels.

People that need to die:
Richard Horne
Deputy Chad
Evil Cooper

Becky and her husband are unemployed. Her mother works in a diner. Her father is a small town cop. $500 isn’t pocket change for them.

Becky fired off several rounds in the middle of an apartment complex. Even despite Julie Your Cruise Director’s assertion that no one was inside the apartment, there was no way for Becky to know that for certain. (Someone could have conceivably entered the apartment w/o Julie Your Cruise Director seeing and then been on the other side of the door. If some crazed girl is banging on the door screaming “OPEN THIS DOOR!”, how eager would you be to open it?) Her actions amount to reckless endangerment at the very least. So, aside from property damage, Becky was certainly facing some charges that may not have amounted to jail time but seriously stiff fines.

One of the 2 or 3 greatest episodes so far. I think Shelly is being treated unfairly by most of the posters on the Twin Peaks boards. She’s separated from Bobby and has every right to be seeing another guy and my guess is she knows nothing about Red’s darker side. Also she only popped out for a couple of minutes to see the guy then came straight back to her daughter. I feel for Bobby but those are the breaks when you’ve split up and you still have feelings for the other person which they don’t reciprocate.

I believe Twin Peaks 2017 will be regarded in the future as one of the greatest television productions of all. I do urge anyone who hasn’t seen it to give it a chance. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Red? We’re supposed to know who that guy was? Maybe it was too dark for me to recognize him. Who is Red and what is his dark side?

The original TP was one of my favorite shows ever and if this one doesn’t get it’s shit together in a hurry I think it’s just going to be left by the wayside. In 30 years, I think people will watch the first one and not know this one exists. At least that’s how I feel right now, but it’s also possible, I’m just having a hard time parsing what seems like a disjointed piece of surrealistic art.

With that in mind and knowing that I really don’t read into things or going looking for symbolism unless someone else gets me started down that path, I would disagree with that theory because Gordon specifically said, paraphrased, “remember when we used to smoke together”. IOW, that wasn’t his first cigarette, nor the first time he’s smoke with her. The only possibility is that it’s the first time he’s shared one with her.

But, now that I think about it, it sure seemed like Albert saw that portal as well. And Albert, Gordon, Diane and I think Tammy all saw the person roaming around the scene where they were parked.

If Albert saw the portal, that would disprove the theory. I’m not sure if the other people seeing the bearded man would prove or disprove anything.

Red showed up in the first episode. He came into the bar, pointed at Shelly and smiled. She smiled back. This was at the very end. A couple of episodes later we see Richard scoring drugs from him and being humiliated. Red has armed bodyguards behind him and looks to be a big-time dope dealer. He tosses a coin in the air. It disappears as Richard looks up at it and then Richard feels it in his mouth. He takes it out to look at it but it disappears again and appears in Red’s hand. Red clearly has magical powers which make some think he’s from the Black Lodge. He’s played by Balthazar Getty who starred in Lynch’s Lost Highway.

Becky’s got a job working at a bakery. Evidently, it doesn’t pay much.

In episode 6, Red met with Richard Horne to discuss the terms of their business arrangement of running the designer drug, Sparkle, across the Canadian border. Red’s the one with the body guards, the bad liver, and the magical dime.

I have no idea what to make of Candie, Mandie, and Sandie.

Gersten Hayward, you homewrecker! You could’ve gone to Juilliard, but noooooo…

For now, I believe that Diane is the pseudo-Jeffries. She’s on her own quest to save or revenge her former boss, and she has been for a while. It’s not currently a popular theory.

I loved Harry Dean’s magic whistle! Who’m I kidding–I love anything with Harry Dean!

Glad to see that Miriam’s alive. Richard’s day is coming. With luck, Chad will go down with him.

I remember all of those things but I did not recognize him. I didn’t even make the connection between the guy in episode one and the one in episode six.

That was Gersten with Steve? How are people catching this stuff?

One of the things that’s really making all of this work for me from a narrative standpoint (so, aside from alternate dimensions/quantum entanglement theories) is how fleshed out most of the side characters feel despite so little screen time, especially the Vegas crowd. Like, most shows wouldn’t give a crap about the backstory of the main character’s boss, but we know Bushnell as this successful ex-boxer turned insurance CEO, discovering corruption amongst his employees and local police - you get the feeling that, in Bushnell’s mind, he’s the star of his own story, not Dougie’s, and that’s not a feeling I don’t usually get from other shows. Same with the Mitchum brothers - what is the story of these two orphaned men who climbed to wealth in a vicious criminal world and live together with three identically dressed women, who they seem to take care of more than employ. I would watch the movie of their life.

At this point in the story, though, I have more questions than answers. I’ve also stopped pining for Dale Cooper - mostly because I find Dougie rather joyful, and I have a feeling that Cooper restored is going to be an broken wreck of a man.

My hopes:
-Cooper finds some semblance of peace.
-Bobby and Shelly end up happy.
-Richard gets his, and it’s such a terrible end that I’m sorry I wanted it.
-Chad gets his.
-Evil Cooper gets his in a more cosmic way.
-Diane is good, and reconciles with good Cooper.
-Janey-E and Sonny Jim are real, or failing that, okay.
-Jerry Horne is okay.
-I even halfway understand the ending.


Like I said above, she’s very distinctive looking.

I’m enjoying this season like I’m watching Cremaster 3, which even makes much less sense or no sense at all.

This season feels like a different show, the first two seasons were made like a teenage soap opera with the theme music being played multiple times in an episode and more emotions of love and heartbreak.

I dislike how there are almost no scenes in the Great Northern and you can tell that it’s a very closed set, like they have almost nothing built for it. Whereas the first two seasons (even though sets were made in LA most likely) it feels much more like a real place with showing the lobby and different ethnicities visiting the hotel which makes it feel worldly.

The one time we do see Ben Horne’s office near the beginning of the season it’s a different set with windows along the wall instead of the large fireplace, and also no stairs leading up to the door.

What was going through David Lynch’s mind to change Ben Horne’s office like that? Seriously getting rid of the fireplace? and the stairs leading up to the door? Did he think nobody would notice?

She may be distinctive looking but she’s over 25 years older so I didn’t recognize her as Gersten.

This is why I like discussing this show online. Different people notice different things.