Twin Peaks Episode 13 (Open Spoilers)

Ed and Bobby, both screwed over by women who seem to prefer jerks. That closing scene with Ed sitting alone with his Cup of Soup… :frowning:

Is there a budding romance between Dr. Jacoby and Nadine? Two nuts who were made for each other.

I’m pretty much convinced that Audrey is dreaming or hallucinating. Her and Charlie are in a totally different setting, but it’s almost like it’s a continuation of the same conversation, except now she’s not sure that she’s herself, and he’s talking about ending her story. WTF?

Sarah’s situation continues to be simultaneously heartbreaking and disturbing.

Evil-Cooper continues to be evil and unstoppable.

Cooper (as Dougie) dispenses justice in spite of himself, and the detective brothers reject the evidence about him… understandably.

And James sings that goofy cloying song that he, Donna, and Maddy sang years ago. Who was the woman crying while he sang?

How have Ed and Bobby been “screwed over?” Seems to me Ed was still married to Nadine when she came to her senses and he’s still wearing a wedding ring. He wouldn’t leave Nadine when Hank got out of prison because “Nadine’s not well.” I’m not sure where Shelly screwing over Bobby is coming from at all.

I was surprised when Richard showed up at the end of the gangland garage scene or whatever that was. Was he there the whole time? He seemed fascinated by Mr. C. I couldn’t tell if he was thinking about joining up with him or challenging him. I don’t think I’ve read any comments suggesting Richard could be John Justice Wheeler’s son. After all, JJW is the only person we know of for sure whom Audrey had sex with. I don’t think Richard has to have an evil father to turn out like he has. Just being an unwanted child can screw a person up. And Audrey says very early in the show that Johnny has emotional problems and that it runs in the family.

Is there just one ring or are there multiple rings?

The coordinates Ray has that he got from Hasting’s secretary must be those of the place Hastings saw Briggs. I wonder how a showdown outside of Twin Peaks would happen if people are in different places. Connected portals?

There’s one thing I forgot to mention. Is there something going on with the time lines?

When the Mitchum brothers and Dougie-Cooper, along with the 3 women, come dancing into the insurance office, the impression is that this is the next day after he gave them the check and that they’ve been celebrating all night. But last week there was a brief scene of Cooper in the yard playing ball with Dougie’s son.

At the time, there seemed to be no reason for that scene. Now I’m thinking that it was there to clue us in on the discontinuity.

  1. Dark Cooper was awesome in this episode and that entire scene was very effective.

  2. What is going on with Audrey? Is she having a full mental breakdown? Is her little-person husband even real? I have no idea why they wasted this character like this.

  3. James singing the song at the end was a weird thing to see. What a throwback.

Who was the girl tearing up during James singing performance? Are we supposed to know who she is?

It occurred to me that Audrey is still referring to the local bar as “the Roadhouse” when it is now called “the Bang Bang Bar.” I suppose it’s possible that, as a long-time Twin Peaks resident, it’s just the name she’s always called the place (much like Norma’s comment about the Double R Diner), but perhaps she doesn’t know it changed names? Perhaps Audrey has actually been in a coma since the end of season 2 after all and the whole bit about the gnomish husband, ‘Billy’ and all the rest are her dream hallucinations of how her life turned out. (“Do you ever feel as if you were someplace else?” Like a long-term hospice care facility, maybe?) I even suspect that her ‘husband’ is yet another demon from the Black Lodge Red Room, just fucking with her subconscious.

And yeah, of all the things to do a callback for – James’s castrati serenade, the single cringy-est moment of season 2. (The backup singers were funny though.) And I thought that was Shelley who was crying.

I felt bad for Ed, sitting there all alone. But I don’t think Norma really treated him badly, either – after all, he always jerked her around by wavering between her or Nadine. And Norma is (apparently) involved with David Bradford from “Eight is Enough.” (I had such a crush on him back in the day. He still looks good too.)

My heart breaks for Sarah Palmer.

That whole sequence with evil Cooper going after Ray at Badass Central, all I could fixate on was the nerdy looking accountant guy. What the hell was that guy doing in the middle of all those tough guys???

I’m going to bet that he’s going to try and turn her into his sugarmama, but I guess we’ll see.

Bunch of meatheads? Seems obvious that they need one guy to keep track of the books.

I didn’t catch the Road House / Bang Bang Bar thing, but there is a second anachronism that i think I mentioned last week. Charles called Tina using a rotary phone.

I’m not sure that one would even work with current land line systems but, even though they had mostly been replaced by touchtone by the 90s, they weren’t all that unusual. Places like hospitals and hotels (such as The Great Northern), that had lots of phones, didn’t want to spend the money to replace them. So Audrey may have been used to them, even in the 90s.

There are other things that people are pointing out. Charles has lots of paperwork to do, and there’s no computer in sight, and he has a rolodex!

These must be the dreams or hallucinations of someone with no experience beyond the early 90s.

I think Audrey’s not right and thinks she’s a soap opera actress. Charlie is her caretaker and she thinks he’s the writer/director. In episode 13 all the names read off by Charlie when he’s on the phone were just nonsense soap character names to humor Audrey. And there was the part about breaking the contract. Then this episode, “Do you want me to end your story?” She thinks it’s all real but it’s all made up, and any names from the phone call that are also in the current Twin Peaks story are just coincidence.

But who would go to all of that trouble - creating an early 90s environment, rotary phone and all - just to humor a mental patient? Would a therapist even know details such as the previous name of the Bang Bang?
Wouldn’t you be trying to discourage delusions? Wouldn’t you be working to reconnect her to reality?
And why would her delusions ignore technological and social changes?

I don’t think he’s her doctor or therapist but that he’s her caretaker. Maybe he’s just an eccentric guy from Twin Peaks who has an old house with old stuff in it and that’s where Audrey’s family stuck her. He’s been hired to take care of her after (I’m assuming) she’s had some kind of brain damage from the explosion at the bank at the end of season 2. I suppose taking care of Johnny *and *Audrey would have been too much for Sylvia so they hired someone else to deal with her.

Nobody on the show has ever called it the “Bang Bang Bar.” It’s always been, and still is, The Roadhouse. The neon gun sign was in the original series and no one called it the Bang Bang Bar back then, either. The Renault bartender back in episode 4 or whatever even calls it “Renault’s Roadhouse.”

Hm. Apparently German TV “accidentally” ran episode 14 instead of 13 and labeled it 13. I have to wonder if that was an accident. From a NY Times article:

He even suggests, with a smile, that the best approach may be to view the parts out of order. “You know, the projectionist once in awhile would make a mistake and put reel four before reel two or something,” he says. “People still made sense of it.”

The sort of weird, retro timelessness has always been a David Lynch/Twin Peaks thing (the original series often seemed more like the 50s than the 90s) so at this point I’m not reading too much into it. There was that end scene a few episodes ago, where someone ran into the diner looking for Billy, so that possibly anchors Audrey’s concern with Billy being missing with the real world (or you know, as real as it gets for the residents of Twin Peaks).

I’ve realized that other than being happy that Nadine has a silent running drapes store, I don’t really care about anything she and/or Dr. Jacoby talk about.

The thing that Norma and Shelly have in common is more that they have terrible judgement about men. It’s clearly all about the profits for Walter, but Norma doesn’t see it at all, and even when he’s literally saying the words, Norma is unhappy about the pie but it doesn’t seem to change her rosy view of Walter. What was so maddening last week about Shelly is not that she screwed Bobby over, but that she was in the middle of trying to figure out what was going on with her daughter, who is married to a complete loser and her life is total mess, and in the middle of this emotional moment, she was still “OMG BRB HOT GUY!” She’s still acting like a teenager.

While Walter was an obvious stand-in for network executives trying to"tweak TV series to “monetize” them, I think Norma’s protests were very much a comment on rabid fandom who demand that their beloved series remain exactly as they remembered them from 25 (or 26) years earlier. "Twin Peaks residents have always known this place as the Double R Diner; we can’t change the name to Norma’s." is a direct rebuke to fans who complain that this isn’t the same series they remember from 1990. She may as well have just said “Audrey Horne can’t be a shrill, middle-age woman whose youthful vitality has faded over time. She HAS to be a sexy ingenue!”

Ed in the meantime was a stand-in for creative artists: Norma (who represnts the fans) once loved him passionately, but now she seems to have forgotten him as she quibbles with Walter the money-man over the superficial elements of the diner.

If he’s Audrey’s caretaker, why would he make up hearing some kind of shocking news that he refuses to divulge?

I think she’s unconscious and hallucinating, with her hallucinations possibly including some real world information that people have spoken about while in her room. For example, hospital workers might gossip about the hit and run death and the fact that the owner of the truck, Billy, is missing.

Maybe some of those names are the names of the nurses, orderlies, etc. who are caring for her.

My understanding is that the entire season was shot, edited, and in the can before being released. If so, than nothing in it can be a rebuke to current complaints.

I’m sure he anticipated some grumbling that this “wasn’t like the old Twin Peaks.”

Renee, I believe. She’s one of Shelly’s friends, and James has a crush on her in Episode 2. She had some bruises on her arm in Ep. 2, and has a (real, I think) tattoo of some numbers in Ep. 13.

Agreed. It’s the Roadhouse.

However… the uniforms worn by the employees have a The Bang Bang logo on them, which (AFAICT) is in contrast to the original series.
It’s possible that the owner–evidently, Jean Michel Renault–began advertising as the Bang Bang Bar to attract a new, younger clientele. It may very well be The Bang Bang Bar to the new crowd, though everybody else will always call it the Roadhouse.