Twin Peaks Episode 12 (Open Spoilers)

Audrey!!! Finally.

But… WTF? Audrey Horne married that guy? Although it did sound like it may be some sort of marriage of convenience.

What news did her husband hear on the phone? I’m guessing it was about Richard.

Who was it that got shot outside his home? He had gray hair. Dougie’s boss maybe?

Sarah Palmer was heartbreaking. It’s not hard imagining her ending up like that. Think of what she’s been through and of everything she’s lost.

Gordon you old dog. He’s probably paying for it.

And Jerry’s still stumbling around in the woods. How many days has he been out there? How is he still alive?

Didn’t the warden get shot, as per contract? Next up is the “double-header in Las Vegas.”

Yes. It must’ve been the warden. I forgot about that.

Watching it a second time, I noticed something a little strange in the scene with Audrey and her husband. He called Tina on a rotary phone. You could see that he was dialing rather than pressing buttons, and you could hear the rotary sounds.

I don’t really have anything to ask other than what you did.

Something I did notice this episode in the intro when ‘Twin Peaks’ appears on the screen and shows the cliff in the background with pine trees.

There is some kind of building there on the cliff. I can’t make out what it is, if it’s a house or utility building? I’m sure this particular shot was used on purpose.

Did anyone else notice this building?

It looked like he had dwarfism, or something. Not a great actor. Good voice though.

And yeah, they had a “contract”, which seems like a strange term to use rather than a “prenup” or something. I’m thinking maybe she’s a dominatrix? He seemed to be cool with her treating him like dirt and sleeping around.

Based on her performance, I’m thinking she was underutilized in the original series. Great acting. Truly horrowing and believable.

She could see the future in the original. I suspect that someone is going to be hurt or killed at the supermarket counter.

One of the funniest scenes ever. I loved the last bit where Albert tries to tell him it’s time to go to bed, because it’s late, and Gordon has no fucks to give.

I noticed that both of his hands were red.

I guess I’m the only one that thinks the building in the intro has some kind of significance, if just to the production team.

There are plenty of cliffs with just trees in Washington state they could have used as the intro shot and they chose one with this building.

It will probably just remain a mystery forever.

I know this won’t happen but it would be great if a character went there at the end of the season.

If you mean the thing behind the title, when they show the title in the intro, I think it’s just a road that’s running along the top of the ridge.

Obviously, it could feature in the show at some point, but potentially that’s just what the landscape they filmed 25 years ago looks like now.

Thinking more about Audrey’s situation, we have no idea how badly she was injured in the explosion. We only see her from the waist up and clothed, maybe she’s been disfigured in some way and had to settle. She says that she’s fucking Billy (whoever that is) but we haven’t seen him.

Regarding Jerry’s hands, he’s wearing red gloves.

Major Briggs’s listening post?

That episode was all over the place. It had a few good scenes, like Hutch and Chantel, and the stuff with Sarah Palmer, but mostly I was not on board. I’ve also never been part of the crowd chanting “Where’s Audrey?” so her confusing scene did very little for me. Actually, one of the big draws for me every week is getting to see Kyle Maclachlan in either of his roles, and to only get 30 seconds of him reenacting an old Simpson’s gag was pretty disappointing.

Questions I have:

-Is Sarah Palmer possessed?
-What’s in her kitchen?
-Is Billy the Farmer guy who owned the truck?
-Who is Chuck, Tina, and all the people mentioned in the last scene?
-Why would Ben and Frank think Harry would want Cooper’s key (unless it’s because Cooper and Harry were passionately in love and everyone knew it, but I think that’s just my personal fan fiction).
-Was Gordon’s girl’s long, overacted dance reminiscent of Lil in FWWM? Was she a message for Albert?
-Is Gordon Cole the biggest Mary Sue character of all time?
-Why does Straight Dope’s autocorrect always tell me I’m misspelling Kyle Maclachlan’s name?
-Will the next episode be better?

Sorry for the multiple posts but I have more thoughts on what’s going on with Audrey.

Someone named Billy is her lover and he’s missing. Who is Billy?

In episode 7, Andy talked to the owner of the truck that Richard was driving when he killed that boy. The man was supposed to meet Andy later. He never showed up. Then, at the end of the episode a man came in the diner shouting “anybody seen Billy?”

I’m pretty sure that the man Andy was talking to was Audrey’s Billy. She has definitely lowered her standards.

What do you all think of this? It occured to me that the scenes in early episodes in which Sheriff (Not Harry S) Truman is being yelled at by his wife were foreshadowing for Audrey’s eventual appearance.

Here’s my case: Sheriff (Not Harry S) Truman’s wife appears twice (or maybe three times?) bellowing at him about something fairly trivial. In each situation, Truman is seated and mutely staring somewhat dumbfoundedly at his wife, who stands (looms) over him. Audrey’s scene was just the same: she standing up and yelling at her slackjawed, slightly exasperated (and seated) husband. [This parallel is what initially made me think of this.]

But added to that, Truman’s wife was played by Candy Clark, a 1970s-era actress who used to specialize in playing sex kitten ingenues who were fiesty, coy, and much smarter than they originally let on (prime examples: American Grafitti, the Man Who Fell to Earth), which pretty much describes the “classic” Audrey.

And the last time we saw Mrs. Truman, the deputies were discussing her and the dispatcher (does she have a name?) remarked (paraphrasing) “She didn’t use to be like that. She got the way after the incident with her son.” It seems to be pretty obvious by now that the evil Richard Horne must be her son. (His grandfather says “He never had a father.”) Did Audrey’s life go down the tubes all thanks to her SOB son?

Just something it was just something I was thinking of; what are your thoughts?

They said that she became like that after their son committed suicide.

This was probably the weakest episode to date. The Sarah Palmer scene was great. It seems that Gordon and Albert are bringing in Diane just to keep an eye on her. She must know they’re reading her texts, wondering if the messages are red herrings. Dougie Cooper’s scene was thankfully brief. Still, seems like Janey should have had him in psych evaluation by now. I thought Albert was going to go all Ralph Kramden on the French girl taking forever to get out of the room. Can’t believe Audrey wound up with such a miserable little man. At least now we know what Blue Rose is about. The key for me this week was what was Sarah talking about the men coming? Was that the woodsmen? And were they the noise that Hawk was making? Glad to see that Jerry and his rebellious foot made it out of the woods.

You point out some interesting parallels between the Truman marriage and the Audrey-Charlie marriage.

(It’s “Frank Truman” being played by Robert Forster, by the way.)

Yeah, Grace Zabriskie has never worked enough. She’s worked with Lynch a lot, of course–always when great acting was required. For example, I’m pretty sure she appeared in flashes (a bit longer than subliminal shots) in a scene of Blue Velvet in which Isabella Rossellini’s character Dorothy was supposed to scream repeatedly and disturbingly–with Grace a sort of ‘spiritual doppleganger’ of Dorothy. (I don’t see a credit for Grace on the IMDb Blue Velvet page, though.)

Grace is responsible for one of my top-ten favorite line readings, in the 1987 The Big Easy (she’s responding to something Ellen Barkin’s character has done).

Grace Zabriskie is a treasure.

I thought I was going to have a stroke at that shot of the fan in the Palmers’ house, and then the sound of the bottles in the kitchen. That is the zone where Lynch works the best for me – that classic unheimlich touch, when things are familiar yet incredibly creepy, and never go much farther.

And this whole series has been an exercise with making me remember how much I like Miguel Ferrer. Gone too soon.

As solid as it was as a vignette in a filmic sense, I’m a little :rolleyes: at the scene with Gordon and the escort. That is one of the aspects of this entire enterprise that makes Lynch seem so, so dated. And I’m aware that this image is very French noir, and that’s very much a part of the entire Twin Peaks aesthetic, but still, I think it would be possible to stick with that theme without this kind of throwaway yuk at Gordon.

I was not expecting this to be Audrey’s comeback, but I think I like it. I like the absolute mystery of who all these people are that they are talking about, and I wonder if more about this will be revealed, or if we’re only going to get little glimpses into this side story (which reminds me of Invitation to Love).

I am still hoping that Diane really isn’t bad, but rather is working a side angle that somehow comes back to the good side … although it’s not looking likely right now. :frowning:


I liked that scene (Cole and the French woman). I thought it was hilarius.

And I also want Cooper back.