Twisting Penises?

I was just reading an article in National Geographic Adventure(Aug issue I believe) about the authors trip down the Ganges River. At one point, he mentions a man on the side twisting his penis with a stick like a plane propeller. He says that it is a religious practice. He did not elaborate any more than that. So, does anyone know what that’s all about?

Teenage natives messing with the writer from National Geographic. :smiley:

Probably just preparing for his audition in Puppetry of the Penis

Fans of World Music have heard of the band Rajiv Ghanji And The Twisting Penises. Their big crowd-pleasing number is a sadness-of-parting song about the singer’s sweetie leaving him because she had a “Left-Hand Thread.” You can probably get details on Charles De LaDesma’s website. (grinning smilie)