Twitter help

Ok, so I succumbed. You know why I succumbed? Because of George Takei’s funny post about gay marriage and pot smoking. I thought, I want to be able to read stuff like that!

So right off the bat, I need help. How do I know who is the real guy? Mr. Takei was easy, but now I tried Robert Downey and there’s app. 6 million of them. Some say “fan” so that makes it easy; lots don’t. Is there an easy way to check?

The blue “certified” dot.

RDJ doesn’t have a Twitter account. All of them are fake.

For high profile celebrity types Twitter actually has a verification process to ensure you know you’re getting tweets from the real deal.

Otherwise, in general a good way is to follow a link from that person’s official website to their twitter feed.

Oooh - you need to follow Chris Kluwe. He’s the punter for the Vikings that got all up in the Vote No fight on the proposed amendment to the MN constitution that would define marriage as “between one man and one woman.” While that’s ended because we did indeed Vote No, he’s still hysterical. Well-written, articulate, and nerdy - honestly, a lot of his posts are about WoW and questing and such. Very funny. @ChrisWarcraft, I believe.

Thanks, Snickers, added to my already far too large funny people list.