Twitter profile editing

No doubt it’s simple but I cannot find it. How do I do the following?

  1. Edit birth date.
  2. Hide birth date from public view.

I set the account up back in 2011, if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

I hope this is something that helps: I just looked at my profile, then clicked on “Edit Profile” at the top right (where the “follow” button is on someone else’s profile). This brought up the information on my profile, including birth date. When I click on that, it brings up a month/day/year chooser and asks below that who I want to be able to see the information. I never set my birth date, though, so this might be something you could only set once.

Thanks. I tried that and it didn’t allow me to edit the birth date. I then logged out and went to view my Twitter profile. It did not show the birth date, but did show the date I joined Twitter. I logged back in and, what do you know, I can see the birth date again. The problem, though, is that when I logged out, although I’m using a VPN, Twitter decided that I must be Chinese since I’m in China, so the whole interface is now in Chinese. WTF, Twitter? Now, how do I go about getting the blame thing back into English?

SOB! Now it’s back to English without my doing anything. SMH.

& Kudos to @InternetLegend for her help!

I wish it had actually helped! I’m willing to chalk it up to a dastardly plot by Elon Musk to deliver all our birth dates to the Chinese.