Two Cameras Appeard Just Outside My Room - Kinda Upset

Irritated to what?

I’m trying to picture the setup here.
If this is like a typical dorm where each person (or two people) basically lives in their room but has access to a shared kitchen/common/bathroom area if they want to use it, usually centrally located in each wing. Also, these areas are also, more or less, open for anyone to walk in and out of, that’s one thing. I can totally understand setting up cameras in there and would have no problem with that.

On the other hand, you make it sound like you’re living in an apartment type setup with a handful of other people, each with their own room, sharing a kitchen/common area. This would require someone to key into the apartment to set up the cameras. I’d take up an issue with cameras being set up in this kitchen since this is really no different than a landlord setting up cameras in your kitchen they’ve rented to you.

Well, sure. I guess I figured it must have some hipster slang meaning as well.

On the way to the bathroom, on the way to the shower, etc.

The loss of our privacy is Death by a thousand cuts.

Done slowly in every aspect of our lives.

We fool ourselves by pointing at just one violation and say “that’s not so bad”.

Given the issues regarding college rape, I’m not at all surprised that a university would install cameras in the dorm hallways with that sort of frequency. Either to protect those who are assaulted and help prove a case, or to protect those who are falsely accused.

This is not a dorm connected to a university. It’s a former office building converted into quite cheap housing. When I said “student housing”, I meant they primarily rent out to students. They have no agreement with any institutions or universities, they just prefer to rent to students. Many people living here are finished with school and works full time. Some never studied.

Again, not really a dorm. Also not really an apartment complex, even if they call it that.

Think of it as the last scenario, only that there’s no lock on the ‘front’ door. But we have our own section, with a door(:P), with separate rooms in various sizes, and very sparse conditions to cook food (gas burners, no oven), do our nasties and clean up. And it’s not a dormitory, it’s not provided by an educational institution, no one gets any living subsidies, it’s not furnished or with any equipment other than gas burners, and it is promoted and rented out as apartments by rental agencies. It’s bare bones roof and wall, more or less.

I’ve been here for a year now, and the biggest crime/property damage I’ve seen was a sink being clogged. To give a picture of how much they care here, it took the janitor a month to finally go and fix it (took him around twenty minutes) after several complaints.

Hah, maybe I should take pictures. I understand why people are confused, I was too when I first saw it.

We’re not just men living here. There are couples, single ladies and single men. And now they can monitor and record whenever someone goes to the toilet, or when they walk to and from the showers. I always undress and dress in the shower (it’s difficult at times), but most don’t. Most walk to and from wearing only a towel and slippers.

But, my concern is just being monitored. I feel I get enough of that just being around in the city (Den Haag), and I resigned to have it in the lobby, since it’s basically public. But now I’m being monitored by a camera by just going outside my bedroom…

Wipe some grease on the lens.

Do you know if anyone monitors the cameras?

It makes a big difference.

Unmonitored cameras record to a dvd-r and gets automatically wiped every few days. No one sees that material unless there is a crime. Then it is checked as part of an investigation.

You can walk to the shower in your boxers without worrying about being seen.

Monitored cameras are the ones that creep people out. You’ve got eyes on you constantly.

They’re monitored by people in the mornings. And I know they record.

For my own sake, I don’t care that much about what people see, but more that they do. It feels crappy. My first hello in the morning is no longer a neighbor, a friend or a person, it’s a fucking lens staring at, among other things, my door.

I think I’ll hear with my neighbors and find out what they think about it and see if they want to raise a complaint.

I’m wondering if this is even legal. A landlord has to usually seek permission to enter a rented abode, and if there is a claim that what is being recorded is “public space”, doesn’t permission still have to sought out if you are filming a certain group of people instead of random groups of people?

Keep a brown paper bag handy, to slip on over your head each time you go in or out the door. No, wait – in some states, now, that itself would be a crime. Intent to conceal your identity.

Or to go straight to DVD.

It’s always fun trivializing rape…

It’s always fun grandstanding.

What would happen if you used it as a towel hanger? That doesn’t destroy or damage anyone’s property…

What do the other residents think?

Well, I am confused. It is student housing, but it isn’t student housing. It is a dorm, but it is not a dorm. It is a public hallway, but it is not a public hallway.

I’m going to say this camera is a big deal, but it is not a big deal.

My daughter lived in an apartment complex while a student at Penn State. The complex rented primarily (only?) to college students. She shared her apartment with three other women, who each had their own bedroom, but shared a kitchen, living room, etc. Each tenant had their own lease, and if one tenant skipped out, the management company would find a replacement tenant with no fees to those remaining.

Sounds kind of similar.

It is student housing (primarily), it is not a dorm (never said it was a dorm), and it’s not a public hallway (never said it was public).

Yep, it’s kinda like that, with more people, and probably less common areas.